How to discover, dream and design the destiny of your company

Think of the successes your business has experienced! Now imagine what a successful future looks like! Hold those thoughts in your mind and let me explain how this success and this vision can design the future. In corporate training terms, we call this contemporary approach an ‘appreciative inquiry’. And it could be the best thing you ever do for your business!

5 tips for your strategic planning workshop

A strategic planning day or workshop is important to set the tone for the year ahead for your business and create a unified team with clear objectives to focus on. Our Managing Director Dwain Richardson recently explored in his blog how fun can take your planning sessions to another level. Now I would like to present five tips to create an engaging and inspiring agenda for your strategic planning workshop.

Finding a great venue for your conference

A crucial component for any conference is the venue. It can be the determining factor whether a conference is a success or a failure. With so many options out there, it is important to establish criteria for what you may need. This will help you shortlist the most effective venues to meet your conference objectives.This blog provides five important considerations to help you establish a criteria for what you need in a conference venue.

EOFY is a great time for team building!

End Of Financial Year (EOFY) is a busy and important time for all businesses in New Zealand for many and varied reasons. Whatever your reason whether it's finalising annual accounts or strategic planning, the months from May to August will be important for your business and may bring additional demand upon it. That is why EOFY is a great time for team building!

6 technology solutions for your next conference

How can you improve your next conference? What can you do to enhance your delegate’s experience? These are questions that we ask ourselves before each and every conference or corporate event that we organise. One answer to this question is technology! How are we utilising some simple and accessible technology to streamline our conference planning and also enhance our delegate experience? This article will give you six simple technology solutions that we use which will add value to your next conference or special event.

The 1 to 10 of planning a conference

Are you planning a conference for your organisation, association or club this year? Whether it is a conference for over a thousand delegates or a smaller one for a few dozen, you still want it to be slick, professional and leave a lasting positive impression. If you break it down into these 10 key planning areas, you will be off to a great start.

Team building back in vogue for senior executives

All members of a company’s senior management or executive team need to be aligned with the company’s culture, vision and processes for the company to operate effectively. A traditional method to develop effective senior executive or senior management teams is a ‘corporate retreat’ or ‘executive retreat’ – a developmental team building program held away from the workplace.

Team building experiences trending for meetings, incentives and conferences

The popularity of team building activities during conferences, meetings and incentive events is on the rise in New Zealand. The demand for team building experiences had increased in this sector due to the opportunity for conference organisers to showcase a destination’s features and include fun, adventure and team development all in one activity.

Cracking the code for successful team building

Cracking a safe is not a typical part of a conference program but recently more than 40 Child Cancer Foundation volunteers did this to develop their team building and problem solving skills. Team building specialists Corporate Challenge Events donated its popular ‘Safe Crack’ program to Child Cancer Foundation for its recent Member Forum at Rendezvous Hotel Auckland.

Getting maximum value from your team building event

Team building events are important financial and time investments for any company or group. That is why you should strive to ensure that your team derives maximum value and benefit from the occasion. So how can you do this? How can you set it up so your team is prepared for the experience that lies ahead and understand its importance? Here are five strategies that I recommend so you can get maximum value from your team building event.

Creating a memorable launch for your new product or service

Has your company developed a new product or service that is now ready for launch? Our team has delivered many launches over the years across many different industries. All of these launches have been unique in their own way, but have featured some consistent ingredients which have aided in their success. We have compiled these into 12 important tips to consider when planning your next launch.