Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about corporate training in general and with Corporate Challenge Events.

What is corporate training?

Our corporate training is practical education for anyone in business with a focus on developing people and teams in critical areas of importance in today’s business world. We offer practical programs based on science to help build sustainable, high performing, lean and agile teams with a positive culture.

Why is corporate training important for all business?

Corporate training is important to adapt to change taking place in business and in society in general. It focuses on the key issues of importance to today’s business, today’s leaders and today’s staff. 

What is different about the corporate training that Corporate Challenge Events offer?

Our company is committed to promoting and delivering positive fun team cultures. This is an important ingredient in all successful businesses. Our corporate training has a strong emphasis on teams and people, and building your team for ultimate success.

Why does Corporate Challenge Events offer this service?

We have been an industry leader in the delivery of team building programs and corporate events in New Zealand and Australia for over 21 years. Through our work with thousands of corporate clients in this market in recent years, we have seen a need for the practical training of business teams in areas that are changing at a rapid pace.

Who is corporate training relevant and useful for?

Our corporate training programs are ideal in the professional development of leaders, senior executives, middle management, new recruits, graduates, and particularly valuable for workplace teams of any size.

How is corporate training delivered by Corporate Challenge Events?

Our corporate training programs are delivered as educational team building programs, workshops and coaching sessions for large groups right through to individuals. Clients can choose to undertake a package of workshops and coaching in a particular learning area or simply a single workshop or coaching session.

Where are these programs delivered?

We can deliver programs all over New Zealand. With local staff across New Zealand, we have the ability to come to you. Our corporate training programs are great incorporated into conferences and executive retreats, or can be very effectively scheduled within a typical work day.

What results can I expect from doing a program?

We will equip you with knowledge, practical skills and methods to apply directly in your workplace or situation. You will develop in creating high performance teams and a positive workplace culture, engaging in powerful communication and managing tough conversations, leading teams through change and into the future, and being a successful leader.

How much does it cost?

We will be able to tailor a solution for your corporate training requirements. You tell us your circumstances including training requirement, group size, location and budget, and we will recommend a solution to meet your needs. Our commitment to you is to provide such a valuable experience that the benefits will far outweigh the cost of delivery.

How do I work out what package, individual workshop or coaching session to select?

We advise that you check out our training programs first and then note down your requirements including preferred training program, numbers, location, budget, desired outcomes. Contact our Corporate Training Manager via our Make An Enquiry online form and we will get back to you to discuss a solution for your requirements.

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