Effective Leadership

Executive Profiling

Our executive profiling is based on a system and methodology that maps and statistically measures your motivational patterns. It allows us to understand what drives you within your specific role and how to keep you and your team working together in a way where everyone feels enthusiastic, effective and satisfied in their daily work together. It’s like having your own motivational blueprint.

Authentic Leadership

While this is a big topic, there are four aspects of authentic leadership that have had the biggest impact on the culture of teams over the past 15 years of research. These are self-awareness, a strong moral compass, a balanced way of processing information and open trusting relationships. While you can learn the principles of these quickly and easily in a workshop, they take time to learn and implement authentically.

Culture Mapping

Culture is the collective and habitual behaviour we form as a group. Any behaviour that is rewarded or enabled consistently over time will become a habit, and will become embedded in the collective habits that create our culture. This program includes both private interviews and a workshop to create a visual diagram and clear understanding of the habitual behaviours and ‘water cooler’ conversations that are driving the culture of your company. It’s a discovery of the authentic version of what your culture looks like. It is then followed by a feedback session and action plan, designed for small to medium enterprises.

Barretts Values Based Corporate Culture Survey

The Barretts Corporate Culture Assessment Survey is used to measure the consciousness and map the values of different staff levels, departments, locations, regions and determine demographic differences. The results are plotted against the framework of the Seven Levels of Personal and Organisational Consciousness, followed by a feedback session and action plan, designed for medium to large enterprises.

Keeping Pressure Positive

In our modern world, everywhere we look there is so much pressure. So much so that depression is becoming one of our biggest ‘often not talked about’ workplace concerns. This program addresses key areas that can shift our ability as individuals and as a team to handle pressure in a way that can actually have benefits for our health and wellbeing!

Game Changer – Engagement

Have you ever noticed how engaged people are when they play computer games? Wouldn’t it be great if we could have that sort of engagement within our work. This program breaks down the components that makes computer games so incredibly engaging and shows how you can be a hero in your own game. You’ll leave this workshop able to apply the same techniques in your own team to enhance relationships, communication and reduce stress.

Effective Strategies for Devolved Decision Making

Devolved decision making sounds easy in theory right?  But often when implementing this, it’s not as easy in practice.  It can create stress for everyone involved if it’s not done with the right methods and support in place and clear systems of communication to give clarity. The great news is there are ways of creating clear paths to help you and your team gain the confidence and clarity to back themselves strongly when decisions need to be made, taking the stress and confusion out of the equation.

Technical Expert to People Leader

Often within organisations, the best technical expert is a ‘go to’ person to help others with their work. Experts are often therefore promoted into leadership roles as they seem like a natural fit. Experts are usually incredibly smart and also need to be supported into the transition of leadership. The challenge is leadership requires a completely different set of skills and mindset.  It requires us to go from a details focus and a place of knowing to having a global, strategic view and an ability to deal with ambiguity; from having the answers to distributing the decision making; and, from being the ‘go to’ person to developing networks and developing more sophisticated ways of influencing.

Strength Based Leadership  

You can learn so much more about how to take people, teams and companies to a whole new level of productivity and engagement by doing an intense study of what is going well and why.  It’s important to get the balance right too. This workshop helps individuals find the things that make them feel alive and engaged within their work, and gives teams the tools to work together effectively and thrive, and have conversations that help them measure and support each other’s success.

Handling Conflict Effectively

Conflict can be difficult but necessary and incredibly valuable. So many people are fearful of conflict because they don’t know how to manage it effectively and get to the gems at the other end. If you’re in a highly innovative environment, negotiating your way through conflict is a critical component to understanding an effective outcome. Creating an environment where conflict is valued (within the right context) also allows people to bring their hearts and passions to work. This workshop gives the guidelines and tools to ensure conflict is dealt with in a way that is valued and healthy for your teams.

Expert Level

At Expert Level, you will find out how to create conflict with a view to identifying and addressing underlying emotions that hold back true passion and commitment.

Understanding and Developing your Personal Brand

This workshop will help you understand what it is you want to be known for, develop a clear path to build the areas of both character and competence to fully bring to life, what it is you want to be known for and give you the confidence to own it and leverage your points of difference. You will become clear about what separates you from the crowd—it's what makes you memorable and develop your personal narrative.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is regarded as the number one trait for promotability. It is the key to both personal and professional success. It is having the capacity to be aware of, control and express emotions, and to handle relationships with excellent judgement and empathy. This workshop will unlock a whole new awareness and help you thrive.

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