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Cooperate brings focus on scientifically proven methods and tools that can be applied in the workplace for building trust, team communication, cohesion and co-operation. This activity provides opportunity for observation and feedback. It can be delivered as a stand-alone activity or in conjunction with Belbin Team Roles.

Belbin Team Roles 

Belbin Team Roles is a behavioural profiling workshop which will help your team gain a greater understanding of each other’s strengths and blind spots; build higher levels of self and social awareness and emotional intelligence; and, gain  knowledge on how to structure a team for higher performance.

The 6 Aspects of High Performance Cultures     

Your leadership team will walk away from this interactive workshop with a clear, simple and aligned purpose;  a higher level of understanding on how to develop trust in their teams; increased skills in effective devolved decision making processes and strategies; an ability to ruthlessly prioritise time based on the previous points; an understanding on how to collaborate more effectively within and between teams and key stakeholders; a habit of reviewing performance through feedback and learning from experience; and, ultimately the prowess to lead an improved and sustainable team.

Creating Trust          

Trust is critical in any relationship. It’s the glue that holds things together and the lubricant that allows energy and passion to flow. Trust increases the speed a group can accomplish tasks and takes the bureaucracy out of communication. If you feel this is an area that needs to be worked on, you are not alone. Lack of trust has been highlighted as one of the greatest threats to business since the GFC.  This interactive workshop allows you to discover the critical elements that create trust and what your own team believes are your strongest and weakest points (and what you can do about it).

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence has been given the top spot with regards to what makes the difference in a truly effective leader. This it is the most sought after skill in regards to promotability. This is not something that happens overnight - to know one self, understand how others are different, be comfortable looking for and developing other’s strengths, and understand how to track and celebrate progress.

Collaborative Success Team Strategy Planning

This is a whole company-involved social technology for reinventing and reviving. It allows a team to live up to its highest aspirations by moving people into the future through affirming what is the best and most valuable from the past, imagining the best possible future and putting the plan in place with measurable outcomes and accountabilities to ensure the vision stays on track. This is very different to the traditional problem solving approaches and builds upon the best of the current team culture.

Models of Excellence

An outstanding team is almost never a group of individual top performers. It is often a group of individuals who range in skills, attitude and motivations that combined produce an outstanding team. A Model of Excellence is a profile of what your top teams look like based on workplace attitudes and motivations. Through this process, you will receive a profile of the attitudes and competencies that work effectively within your own company culture. Having the understanding of what drives your people (from the heart to skills and competency) to achieve the most outstanding results within your specific culture, will enable you to use this as base for team development, recruitment and coaching through each team in your company.

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