Managing Change

Creating Clarity during High Change

Maintaining high performance during change is a challenge. It’s important to create structure for authentic, clear communications that makes it easy for people to behave in line with your values and builds trust while maintaining calm through the change process. You will learn how to improve shared decision making processes, create more clarity around expectations, roles and purpose of the team and importantly develop a culture of collective responsibility with individual accountability.

Attracting and Keeping Great Staff

In this program which is an appraisal session, your brand promise and organisation purpose is brought to life for employees. Create compelling internal campaigns that guide and influence what employees know, think, feel and do. They will drive understanding, empathy and involvement with your organisation’s purpose and goals. This program features employer marketing, employee induction, clear career pathways and career opportunity websites, reward and recognition, and performance support.

Story Telling For Change Course

Story telling is an essential tool for engaging people in a way that extracts the best from them. We are living in a world that is constantly changing and keeping up with rapid change starts with changing the conversations around what we see, hear, feel and know to be true. Change leaders see the world’s potential, and tell powerful stories that inspire action. By the end of this workshop, you will be confident in using stories; know how to tell stories; develop, rehearse and receive feedback on one personal story that can be used in different situations; and, be able to use a 5-step process to integrate story into presentations for change, work, and many other situations.

Leading Change

Our coaching is designed for deep impact, exploration, clear feedback, personal awareness, strengths and passion. In this coaching program for ‘Leading Change’, you will develop in providing clients with encouragement, resources and the tools to succeed; building a caring community; positively motivating clients toward change; helping clients create their personal ‘brand’; and, providing a safe space for clients to share their vulnerabilities and insecurities to gain a sense of confidence and authenticity that will lead to a successful career.

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