The Big Give

This is an opportunity to maximise your resources, be creative with your time and give from the heart in a big way!

The Big Give is a rewarding charity team building programme that not only has a positive effect on your team but an everlasting impact on someone else.

The day commences with a briefing where all participants are advised that they will be visiting a charity to help them out.

Without knowing anything else, participants are organised into teams and transported to the venue of the charity.

After meeting charity representatives to understand what its mission is, it is then over to the teams to decide how they can give the biggest utilising their time, initiative, resourcefulness and creativity.

Each team will be provided with a video camera to capture their experience and ultimately reveal to the other groups how they made a difference.

After giving big through the day, each team will deliver a presentation to the entire group outlining what they did and the impact this has had on the charity and themselves.

The Big Give is a charity team building event that will develop creative thinking, resourcefulness, time management, team work and corporate social responsibility.

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