The Big Give is a socially responsible activity tailored to your objectives.

Teams are challenged to come up with the most creative and effective way to benefit a specific charity or community organisation using their time and resources.

Each team will recieve an envelope at the start of the program containing the directions and details of a chosen charity or community organisation. Using transport provided, teams make off for their destination. It’s then up to the team to decide how they can Give the Biggest using their time, resources, and their creativity.

As the teams arrive back, each team makes a small presentation back to the group to explain where they went, what they did, and the effect this has had on the charity or organisation, and on themselves as individuals and as a team!

“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”


"Many thanks. Darryl did really well facilitating this and thanks for Stu for organising.  It was enjoyed by all, the first puzzle was extremely hard! Its such a great experience to be able to give back to families effected by the ongoing shakes in CHCH.  Thanks Guys." PFIZER