Corporate boot camp is an intensely fun program that focuses on team development within your company.

You and your teammates will be subject to challenging physical activity based lessons, involving team dynamics and problem solving. While Boot Camp is a physical program, activities are tailored to different fitness levels within your team.

Boot Camp activities include basic training, tactical survival, code breaking and hostile interrogation. Activities have a strong emphasis on time management, communication and trust.

Teams will compete against each other in attempt to move through the ranks and eventually become the highest ranked unit of the day.

There will be sweat, there will be anguish and there will be physical challenges that will push your team to their personal limits. We want to see how you will cope under the pressure of our boot camp instructors. Will it all be too much or will your team triumph?


"I had good feedback from everyone. It was the right level of physical activity and mental activity. Thanks very much for your work." - BECA