This activity has three fun filled stages. First comes a whirlwind of recreational or problem solving activities as teams battle it out to earn the best possible equipment for their chariots.

Secondly, each team actually builds its chariot. And finally, the big race!

The day starts with a series of problem solving activities to earn the best possible equipment for the chariots. Effort is rewarded, with the best teams getting first pick of the resources displayed in prearranged lots in the equipment gallery.

The equipment gallery will contain high tech Formula 1 quality racing materials such as wood, bamboo, PVC piping, ropes, wheels, axles and some unknowns. With these materials, teams create their masterpieces.

After all events have been completed, each team and all members of the crew must coordinate efforts to brainstorm, create and build their chariot.

The highlight of the event is the race itself. When teams present their creative machines at the starting line, it becomes apparent that team cooperation is the major strategy. With teammates shouting encouragement, drivers and navigators take on the race toward the chequered flag. Some obstacles plotted by the opposition can be expected along the way!


"Our team really enjoyed the program! Our facilitator was very engaging and made everyone feel comfortable to participate. Thanks so much!" - AMP