Incorporating the spirit of Christmas in a great team building event, this is a program that will appeal to all participants and put a smile on everyone’s face. Find Santa’s Sleigh and save Christmas!

The program begins with the breaking news that Santa, after too many glasses of milk, has lost his sleigh somewhere in the city. It’s now up to the teams to find Santa’s Sleigh and save Christmas before it’s too late. Each team is provided with a Christmas Pack (which includes a range of resources such as team dress-up, digital camera, water bottles, maps and clues) and sets off on the Hunt For Santa’s Sleigh.

Teams travel around the CBD completing a range of novelty, recreational, and problem solving challenges. With too much to do in not enough time, teams will need to think fast and make quick decisions in order to complete as many challenges as possible. Completing each challenge will give teams a clue as to the location of Santa’s Sleigh and take them one step closer to saving Christmas!

With the end in sight, the competition among the groups to be the first team to save Christmas will be taken to new heights, but one final twist in this adventure will level the playing field and ensure The Hunt for Santa’s Sleigh will go right down to the wire!


"This was a perfect way to bring our team together!" - VODAFONE