The Pitch

The Pitch will combine the creative flair and business acumen of all participants as they work in teams to create and pitch a fundraising event for charity.

Your participants will be split into teams, setting the scene for a friendly battle of wit, creative flare and team work.

Each team will represent a local charity in a competition to design and plan the best fundraising event.

Teams will have the opportunity to meet with a representative of their charity to gain an insight into the organisation and the project they are fundraising for.

Each team will then develop a plan based on a budget for a functional fundraising event aligned with the charity’s values.

As the teams refine their fundraising plans, they will prepare a pitch to be made to a judging panel.

Each team’s ‘pitch’ will feature details of their fundraising event, such as what it is, where it is, when it is, who is involved, who it is targeted to, a promotional plan and proceeds it will generate.

After the judging panel confers, a winning pitch is announced.

It is then revealed that the budgets all teams were operating with will be donated to the winning team’s charity so they can now bring the fundraising plan to life.

The Pitch is a charity team building event that will develop planning, creativity, project management, team spirit and corporate social responsibility.

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