This festive, Christmas-themed mystery game enhances team building skills and also focuses on brainstorming, problem solving and role delegation.

The objective in Christmas Cluedo is to sift through the evidence on file, decipher the clues left behind, work well as a team and ultimately solve the mystery!

A new toy smuggling ring has appeared, diverting toys away from Santa’s sleigh. Police have started their search for this syndicate, however your help is needed to pinpoint the identity of two of the main men.

As the teams arrive they will be allocated to the current case and given an up to date police file. They must read through their instructions, sift through the mounds of evidence, and set up a strategy. Teams will assist the police, the CIA, and the FBI to apprehend these Sierra Leone based criminals now operating in New Zealand.

Upon completion of the brief, teams must make their way to a nominated location to begin gathering the required information. Throughout the program the teams will race to solve a variety of recreational or problem solving activities (these can be selected to suit the needs and wants of your company).

As teams successfully complete tasks they will be given clues to the combination of the safe that holds further challenges. Teams must work their way through all the information provided to come up with the correct answers. The first team to do so will be crowned CLUEDO Champions.


"The Cluedo programme was great, our participants really got involved. Was Great!" - CHAPMAN TRIPP

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