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Hybrid Team Building…What you need to know

We love attending a good team event as much as the next person.  While 2020 has seen a lot of change in the way we connect our teams, and may have left you wondering when you will attend your company celebration or team day, we are here to tell you that it might be closer than you think.  Welcome to Hybrid Team Building!

What is a Hybrid Event you ask? A hybrid team building event aims to create an inclusive and engaging team event for teams that may not be able or want to travel in the near future.  Although not a totally new concept, hybrid events have greatly evolved in 2020, with much of the world still feeling the impacts of COVID-19 quite greatly.

With expert facilitators located across New Zealand, we have the ability to run your event simultaneously across multiple locations, before bringing everyone together virtually to reveal who the ultimate champions will be.  As such Hybrid Events are the perfect team building solution for those teams that may have team members spread out across the islands, want to lower event costs or lower their carbon foot print (find out more about the benefits of Hybrid Events here).  Whatever your objectives, we have a Hybrid Team Building solution that is perfect for you and your team!

Hybrid Team Building ...THE FACTS


Team Benefits

Problem Solving

Best used when

Connecting teams across locations
Improve team morale
Build a culture within the team

You want to have FUN!

Team Size & time

Suitable for groups of any size

1 to 3 hours


A smart device, laptop or PC per team or remote player.
Internet access.
Access to our webinar platform.

i'm interested....so how does it work?

At Corporate Challenge Events, we understand that each hybrid event is unique, which is why we take the utmost care during all stages of the event process to ensure that every participant receives the same fun and engaging experience.



The best part about a hybrid event is that it can be completely tailored to suit your needs.  Whether you are looking for something in person, online, a combination of the two, something social, active or somewhere in between we have you covered.   A Corporate Challenge representative will work closely with you throughout this process to ensure that the programme you select will meet your event objectives and be effectively delivered across all locations, whether that be across islands, overseas or online.


Once you have locked in your programme, our local teams will work with you during the pre-event planning to ensure that each location has all the equipment needed to successfully run the event.  For physical locations, any group sizes of 10+ will have an in-person facilitator on the day. 


Depending on your requirements, each group or location will be logged into the Corporate Challenge Zoom room at some point throughout the day.  Whether you would like an inclusive event introduction for every team, to remain connected throughout the event or just come together at the end for the big reveal, the choice is yours!  This ensures that the event still feels like one big team challenge even though your attendees may be hundreds of kilometres apart.


Whether you are participating online or in person, each team will be completely mesmerized by the activities that will be laid out for them.  With each activity specifically chosen with your overall event objectives in mind, we assure you that there will be plenty of laughter, fun and memories made no matter what for your event takes.


Just when you thought the event couldn’t get any better, it will be over to the facilitators from each location as they tally the scores to reveal who will walk away with the ultimate victory.  Everyone will be on the edge of their seats as it becomes time to make the big announcement!  Not ready for the fun to end?  Make everyone feel like a winner, by adding a social program, drinks session or BBQ to tie up the day.

Search Hybrid Programmes?

We have so many different types of hybrid programmes available it can be difficult to choose the right one for you.

Use the drop down boxes to filter our programme selection to your requirements or get in contact with us to find out how we can build a custom hybrid team building event for you.

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Why Hybdid is for you

  • ZYou get to combine all the good parts from online and in person events.
  • ZYou have potential to save money on travel, catering and accommodation.
  • ZYou can have a higher attendance and participation rate.
  • ZYou will minimise the impacts of COVID restrictions.
  • ZYou will be minimising your carbon footprint.
  • ZYou can create a tailored event to meet your objectives.
  • ZYou can connect your team without having to travel.

Price Beat Guarantee

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Satisfaction Guarantee

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FUN Guarantee

Your team has fun or money back guarantee!

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