Get out the flat shoes, put on your Christmas costumes and prepare for the wild ride that is Christmas Lawn Bowls!

Corporate Challenge would like to show your company the fun and enjoyment that can be had when you combine lawn bowls, sunshine, some cool drinks and some good people for a few hours.

To start the day the entire group will learn the rules of lawn bowls. After a quick demonstration and warmup, we enter the more structured section of the program. In teams of 2-4, participants will compete against other teams, rotating to make sure everyone gets to spend time with everyone else. Plenty of time for refreshment breaks too! Corporate Challenge will also throw in a few novelty variations such as left handed bowling and blindfolded bowling.

The lawn bowls tournament will continue through the afternoon, with teams competing at a variety of different challenges, eventually leading to the “Final Knockout”. Entry to this final round depends on the points gained, the team’s enthusiasm and a number of other undisclosed factors.

The Final Knockout will see teams bowling off to find who will be crowned the Corporate Challenge Lawn Bowls Champion.


"Our staff loved the event, as an organiser I was particularly impressed with the polished execution." - PERNOD RICARD