Company Creativity

Become a script writer, director, editor and video star all in one day. This is your chance to shine and hopefully when the final productions are screened, your team will take home the coveted Corporate Challenge Events ‘Company Creativity’ award!

In this team building programme, teams compete to win the contract for a television campaign based on the production that best meets the brief and objectives, and wows the judges.

Company Creativity provides a great platform for organisations to maximise their teams’ talents and creativity. You can use it to help develop a promotional campaign, a product launch or short film related to the company.

The programme can also be tailored to feature the creation of a movie or television show if you are seeking more of a recreational type of day.

Responsibilities are divided amongst each team for writers, producers, directors, actors, sound-effect artists, voice over talent and musical directors as they work together to brainstorm, produce and capture on video their masterpiece for the judges.

When each video is complete, team members can frock up in preparation for the ‘Oscars’ and special advance screening of all the productions. An option is to stage this part of the program over dinner.

With many laughs and plenty of creativity and innovation on show, one team will receive the gong for best production and take home the spoils of the Corporate Challenge Events ‘Oscar’!

Company Creativity is a fun team building programme that harnesses creativity, teamwork and strategic thinking.

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