Dust off your khakis, clean your binoculars, and make sure you’ve got comfortable footwear on as you attempt to “Just Zoo It”.

Participants will have the opportunity to get up close and personal to a host of native treasures and exotic animals.

Provided with safari packs with digital cameras, zoo maps, mission kits, and a number of cryptic clues, teams will be let loose to begin the adventure. What lies ahead is an experience of a different kind, as participants experience the many wonders that the inhabitants of the zoo have to offer. Incorporating a range of animal encounters, interactive challenges, and of course fun, this will be a day to remember in the living classroom that is the zoo!


"You guys did an awesome job once again this year!  When I saw that you guys did the 'Just Zoo it' networking activity there was no question...I had to go for it! And I'm glad I did cause I thoroughly enjoyed. The Lions must have been the highlight. It's great to have something like that. Where will you ever get an opportunity to do something like that again!! Thanks for everything!" - ATTO