Karts for Hearts

This is your chance to be a Formula One buggy technician for a day and build the ultimate racing kart.

Karts for Hearts is a fun indoor or outdoor team building program with the objective to earn equipment and resources to build a billy kart and create a sales pitch why your kart is better than the rest.

You then have the option, location permitting, to stage a race against your equally-determined opposition.

Karts for Hearts will take your team through a whirlwind of recreational and problem solving activities first as teams battle it out to attain the best equipment for their karts.

Teams that get off to a slow start in these activities still have a chance but will have to rely on a lot of design and decorative mastery and a compelling sales pitch to present a creative and competitive kart.

You also have the option to conclude the program with a fun kart race, when teams unveil their speed machines and line up at the start.

With team mates shouting encouragement, drivers and navigators can take on a race to be first to the chequered flag.

With some obstacles plotted by the opposition along the way, team work will ultimately determine the Karts for Hearts champions.

On completion of the program, a presentation of the karts to a local charity can take place turning this team bonding activity into an even more rewarding experience.

Karts for Hearts is a fun and adrenaline-packed team building program that relies on resourcefulness, creativity and team work.

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