Mini Olympics

We have all witnessed the Olympics and thought to ourselves, how amazing and inspirational are those athletes.

Well here is your chance to be your own Olympian for a day and strive for that elusive gold medal!

We have removed the years of training, practice and conditioning, taken out the selection criteria and qualifying processes, and replaced them with an all-inclusive fun team building programme.

Your entire group will be divided into teams, each to represent a country at the Olympics.

To get started, each team will be asked to create a national anthem and then perform it during an opening ceremony.

Then teams will participate in a number of different activities and sports striving to acquire points valuable to the final result.

Before each activity, the MC will explain the rules and format and ensure everyone is prepared and set up to achieve a personal best.

Following each activity, teams will have their score recorded and tallied.

Then in a fitting conclusion to Mini Olympics, a medal ceremony will take place with the overall winning team presented with their gold medals.

Mini Olympics is a recreational team building programme designed to foster teamwork and healthy competition in a fun and participatory environment.

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