The elements of surprise, adventure and the unknown make this an activity to be remembered for years to come.

Our version of Mission Impossible places great emphasis on team building and the WOW factor.

As the Mission Impossible theme music fills the room, participants are interrupted by a MI operative. Without knowing the exact content of the activity, without time for thought, the group is organised into teams and told that their mission is to locate and open a briefcase located somewhere in the great outdoors.

On the move, each team will move at its own pace to locate the case. Along the way they will need to complete recreational and problem solving activities and overcome obstacles to obtain clues to the case’s location.

Once the case is located, it must be brought back to the MI safety zone ready for cracking. Be careful though, getting there first is only half the task. Deciphering correctly the clues that will open the case is just as tricky. The more clues won along the way, the better the chance of success.

This depends on how much of the great outdoors your teams would like to explore. Typically, MI takes about four hours. However, some organisations prefer a full day with a break for lunch.

This is definitely an outdoor event – a great chance to get out and explore the area around your conference venue.


"Very Good Feedback : Slick, professional operation." - SIMPSON GRIERSON