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Win it in an Online Minute… What you need to know

So you’re pretty good at completing challenges huh?  What about if we gave you a 60 second time limit? The challenges will keep coming as teams battle it out to become the Win it in an Online Minute champions of your organisation.

All your skills will be tested (even the ones you didn’t know you had!) during this exciting and fast-paced online programme.  As you compete as teams to complete activities within the timeframe and the points stack up, you will be on the edge of your seat as the final seconds tick by.  Afterall, there can only be one team that is crowned as the undisputed champions!

Win it in an Online Minute ...THE FACTS


Team Benefits

Boosted morale.
Quick Thinking.


Use Win it in an Online Minute to

Build a culture within the team.
Boost team morale.
Increase communication

Team Size & time

Suitable for groups of any size (max. 5 people per team.)

60 – 90 minutes.


A smart device, laptop or PC with webcam per person.
Internet access.
An email address per person.
Access to a webinar platform.


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im interested....so how does it work?

Teams will enter into the online platform where they will be greeted by their facilitator who will explain the excitement that is about to unfold.  Team members will be asked to gather a series of household items that’s use will be revealed during each round of this programme.  HINT: Their uses may not be what you think.

Each individual team member will complete each 60 second challenge, with each team member earning a set number of points per completed challenge that will help their team be in the best possible position to claim the ultimate victory.  The rounds will be broken up by a slightly longer challenge that promotes teamwork and collaboration as teams race to not only beat the clock but also the other teams to earn as many bonus points as possible.

As we approach the final round you will be sitting on the edge of your seat as the final seconds tick by.  When the final points have been tallied, the champions will be revealed and they will claim undisputed bragging rights… until the next challenge at least.

Round 1: Bite the Bickie

Eating a biscuit, sounds easy enough right? Wrong!  But one thing is for sure, victory has never tasted so sweet.

Round 2: Separation Anxiety

You’ll need more than just a quick hand to win this 60 second challenge.  Quick thinking and intense concentration will be required if you want to come out on top.

Round 3: Stick the Landing

Think you’re a pretty good shot? Well, we will put that to the test and see who among you can truly stick the landing.

Round 4: On the Hook

Let’s go fishing!  But unlike the traditional sport, whether the “fish” will be biting or not is entirely up to you.  How many can you keep on the hook?

Round 5: Centre of Gravity

Everything in life is a balancing act… and this challenge is no different!  Using a series of household items, we will see just how balanced you are.

Round 6: Rapid Doh

Time to tap into your inner artist as you create a series of world class sculptures… the only catch; can your team mates interpret your artistic vision?

Round 7: Eating Challenge

We hope you’re hungry… hungry for the next challenge that is!  By now you will have surely worked up an appetite and we are here to feed it.

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