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Online Trivia…What you need to know

Do you have a fountain of random knowledge bottled up inside you that is just bursting to get out?  Well, it’s your time to shine! Put your brain to the test and lead your team to victory during the Corporate Challenge Events Online Trivia.

The challenges will keep coming as teams battle it out in the Online Trivia arena to become the undisputed trivia whizzes of your company! With a never-ending series of brain-bursting puzzles, general knowledge tinglers and lateral thinking mind-benders, the group will get a very thorough mind workout and maybe pick up a new fact or two in this popular Corporate Challenge Events online programme.

Online Trivia ...THE FACTS


Team Benefits

Boosted morale.


Use Trivia when

Build a culture within the team.
Improve team morale.
Boost collaboration.
Increase communication & FUN!

Team Size & time

Suitable for groups of any size (max. 5 people per team.)

1 -2 hours.


A smart device, laptop or PC per person.
Internet access.
An email address per person.
Access to a webinar platform.


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im interested....so how does it work?

As each person logs on to the Zoom trivia arena, we encourage all to bring their own creativity and flare by wearing a distinctive piece of head wear for the programme. This may be oversized glasses, bunny ears, Mexican hats or tiaras, whatever your style the aim is to stand out and potentially pick up some early bonus points.

As we kick off Round 1, teams will be challenged with a number of general trivia questions in a Q&A format to give everyone a chance to warm up and get your brain working.  The programme will then change focus as Round 2 tests the teams’ sporting knowledge. How much do you know about a range of popular and not so popular sports?  The other rounds will fly by as we test your knowledge in a wide range of topics such as music, pop culture, your company, movies and many, many more.  Afterall we like to keep you on your toes, but also we will work with you to pick and choose what rounds are included to suit your group!

The ultimate objective of Online Trivia is for each team to earn as many Corporate Challenge Events points as they can, which will be awarded for correct answers at the end of each round. The team with the most points at the end of the final round will then take out the prize and be presented as the Online Trivia Champions.

Round 1: General Trivia

Warm up that brain, it is time to test your general knowledge skills as we kick things off in this quick-fire round.

Round 2: Sport

Will your team be kicking goals during our sportiest round ever? Only the biggest sports fans will be able to claim the gold.

Round 3: Pop Culture

Teams will be tested to see just how much they know about todays pop culture, who will be in the know and who will be so 5 minutes ago!

Round 4: Company

How well do you know your own organisation and the people in it? Let’s see who the star employees really are.

Round 5: Music

Hit all the right notes during our music round. From pop to rock, musicals to country, be prepared to test all of areas of your music skills.

Round 6: Movie

Consider yourself a bit of a movie buff?  We will see if your team will prove to be a box office smash or a quickly forgotten flop as we see who has the best movie knowledge.

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