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The Pitch…What you need to know

Welcome to the Corporate Challenge Events Online Shark Tank!  This programme will draw on each individuals’ expertise as we put your team work, creativity and presentation skills to the ultimate test and challenge each team to come up with the best charity fundraising idea that they can for a specific local charity. Whether your ideas will establish you as the king of the tank… or see you sleeping with the fishes will be determined as your revolutionary ideas come to fruition.

The Pitch ...THE FACTS


Team Benefits



Use The Pitch

When your organisation wants to give back to the local community.
To enhance creativity outside your comfort zone.
To encourage pushing the boundaries with ideas.
To boost communication.

Team Size & time

Suitable for groups of any size (max. 5 people per team)

2 Hours.
(This programme can be delivered over multiple days – up to 6 weeks.)


A smart device, laptop or PC per person.
Internet access.
An email address per person.
Access to a webinar platform.


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im interested....so how does it work?

Each team will enter the online Corporate Challenge Events Shark Tank (no scuba diving gear required) where they will be briefed on the task ahead.  They will also be introduced to the charity representative so they have a clear understanding of what the charity does, what has been done in the past and what they are looking for in a fundraising idea.

At this point, teams will be allocated in to smaller fish tanks (or breakout rooms), where they can get their creative juices flowing and brain storm ideas that will really WOW the charity.  You will also have the opportunity to have a 5 minute one-on-one session with the charity to float your ideas and make sure you are on the right track.

Once your team has agreed on a winning idea, it is time to flesh it out and include as much detail as possible.  From the planning logistics, marketing and proposed profit margins your team will require all their skills as they work together to put all this information into one truly show stopping presentation (time to break out those powerpoint presentation skills).

The final challenge comes as you pull out all the stops to present your winning idea to the chosen charity for them to select the undisputed champions!  But when it is go time, will your team sink or swim?

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FUN Guarantee

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