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fish! for Leaders…the need to know

Looking to reconnect your team? Need to boost workplace morale?  Or perhaps your team connections could use a bit of a refresh?  If you answered yes to any of the above, then FISH! For Leaders is definitely for you!  Purposefully aimed at team leaders who want to guide their teams to a positive and empowering work life, this five-week online programme will provide you (leaders) with the tools to manage your team through this new norm and come out the other side thriving.  Sounds pretty good right?  Based around the four key principles of the FISH! philosophy, FISH! For Leaders will enhance your leadership style, boost your positive team culture and equip you with tools and strategies that you can implement in all aspects of your life.

taking fish! for leaders online ...THE FACTS


Leader Benefits

Improved leadership and confidence.
Improved workplace morale.
Tools to build stronger teams.
Increased teamwork & trust.
Improved recruitment & retention.


Use FISH! for leaders when

You are looking for an exciting and engaging personal and professional development course.
You want to gain more confidence to guide your team through these new times.
You want to lead your team to a greater workplace culture.

Team Size & time

We take a maximum of 10 leaders per 5-week programme.

1 x 60-minute session per week, delivered over 5 weeks.


A smart device, laptop or PC per person
Internet access.
An email address.

how do i find out more?

1. Fill in the expression of interest form.
2. One of our expert facilitators will be in touch to determine your suitability for the programme and provide a course guide. 
3. You will be matched with a suitable group of leaders.
4. Your facilitator will work your start date in with your schedule.
4. Get ready to dive in and support your team back to the workplace!


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im interested....so how does it work?

FISH! For Leaders consists of five one-hour sessions, generally delivered over a five-week period via an online platform.  Designed for individuals, rather than organisations; these small, intimate group sessions allow each individual to unlock their potential as leaders and provides you with a core network of like-minded professionals to support you through your journey.  Each week you will be guided by your expert facilitator as you explore what makes a great leader, the FISH! Philosophy and create a practical action plan to implement in your workplace. Full of practical tips and strategies, this programme will provide you with the confidence to support your team through these uncertain times and beyond.

Session One

Let’s kick things off by exploring the background behind creating positive team cultures for success. We will take a close look at what a FUMISH culture is, the history of Fish! and how it fits into your leadership journey.

Session Two

Dive in to FISH! as we examine the first two principles of the FISH! Philosophy Be There and Play.

Session three

Diving back in where we left off last week, we will move on to the third and fourth principle of the FISH! Philosophy; Make Their Day and Choose Your Attitude.  After completing this session, you will have a full understanding of the FISH! Philosophy and be equipped with helpful tools and strategies to lead your team to a stronger culture.

Session four

This week we will take a closer look at YOU as we explore your leadership style and examine strategies to support you through your leadership journey.

Session five

As we reach our final session it is time to put everything you have learnt over the last four weeks to the test as you build your very own action plan.  With the support of your facilitator, you will create a plan that is achievable, will engage your team and will assist you in meeting your culture goals.

This was one of the best workshops I have been to in my 10 years in the youth/community sector.

Wise Employment

Anita has designed a program that is truly inspirational and encourages you to start making small changes in your everyday life. The practical tools she has included in the program can easily be implemented on an individual, group and company basis. I have really valued the individual support Anita has provided me to tailor the program to my roles and workplace.

Therapy Focus

FISH! is a fantastic tool for people to better understand each other, their leadership style and culture and how this impacts on business.


I thought it was a great idea getting everybody together interacting and getting to know one another. I have worked with a fair amount of my colleagues and did not even know what they looked like and didn’t know much about them.

It is a beneficial investment for any company as far as getting to know more about who their fellow team mates are and how they function as part of the team.

Louis Dreyfus Company

choose your attitude

Your attitude is your reaction to what life hands you and only you can choose your reaction.

Be There

Be present and become engaged with all your heart in whatever you do and you will thrive. 

Make Their Day

If your energy is lapsing, find someone who needs a hand, a word of support or an ear- and make their day!


A state of mind that brings energy to tasks and sparks creative solutions.

A fishy! story

The origins of the FISH! Philosophy go back to 1997 when filmmaker John Christensen visited the world-famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, USA.

John was amazed at the crowds that were attracted by the joy, enthusiasm and energy of the fishmongers that worked there, and the large sales this created. He noticed that the actual work of selling fish was arduous and repetitive, however the fishmongers chose to bring joy to their job. And, the results were amazing!

Initially, John produced a documentary called FISH! which explored four simple practices that people could apply to be successful.

Today, these four practices are the FISH! Philosophy, globally-recognised for inspiring teams and developing positive cultures.

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