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5 Tips to Keep Your Team Feeling Valued and Connected in our NEW World

In the last month we have experienced the world around us rapidly morph into something almost unrecognisable. We are faced with challenges such as home schooling, social isolation, working from home, and an overall restriction in what we are allowed to do. This has not only effected every single person in different ways but it also provides significant challenges to the function of workplace teams. It is important to recognise that in these times not all is lost and it is still possible to keep your team connected and highly functional, it just takes a little bit more work. Below are our five top tips to keeping your team connected and feeling valued in your organisation during these challenging times.  

tip #1 Whats App

When working remotely and being isolated from each other it is easy to feel a disconnect from your fellow work colleagues. Creating a simple ‘Whats App’ group with all your team is a great and easy way of maintaining the connection. At Corporate Challenge Events we use this to keep our entire team across New Zealand and Australia connected. Each morning every member of the team jumps on to “Choose their Attitude” for the day and share it with the rest of the team. It’s a simple tool that has a significant impact. Over time it has evolved into a connection hub that we can all turn to for a smile in those lonely times.


Tip #2Online Team Building Program and Workshops

Just because we are not allowed to get together physically doesn’t mean we cant have fun together. There are a range of online team building programmes now available aimed at keeping your team connected and also have a laugh. There are also a number of Team Building workshops available that equip individuals and teams with the tools required to help focus mindset to enable being the best version of yourself in this new environment.


tip #3 Book Club

With the extra time at home more people are finding they are finally getting to read that big pile of books they have been wanting to do for years (you know what I’m talking about). Why not use this as a way of connecting your team? Collectively choose a book and meet weekly to discuss what your key takeaways are. With so many books on personal development, why not use it as an opportunity to learn and improve and share your personal lessons as you go?

tip #4 Buddy System

The buddy system has been around for a long time (remember those excursions in school?) and is still one of the most effective ways of being able to check in on each other. Pair team members up and charge them with the responsibility of reaching out to their buddy 3 times a day. Have some fun with it and try morning zoom coffees or perhaps a virtual lunch together.  Mix people up weekly and use it as an opportunity to learn more about each other, in fact make it a goal to learn something new about your buddy that you didn’t know before.

tip #5 Friday night Drinks

Just because the pubs are closed doesn’t mean you can’t all get together for a drink. Setup an agreed time and get together with a beer or glass of wine with the team all on screen. Share your weeks experiences and stay connected.

Times may be different and life may be a little more challenging than we are used to. However with a little bit of thought and planning this really can be a time of opportunity to create greater connection within your team and come out stronger than ever on the other side.

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