School Team Building

Team building to start the school year

The start of the school year is important for students, teachers and staff for a variety of reasons and a common one is team building. Whether it’s to develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills or focus on responsibility, trust and bonding, team building has a very important place in schools. With school planning for 2018 underway, here are four recommendations of fun and engaging team building activities to commence the year.

Team Building

How to create a highly engaged team of staff

Imagine working with a team of employees who are fully engaged, have an attentive focus and possess an active willingness to work towards the goals of the organisation. Now imagine your culture with all employees engaged… positive’, ‘inspiring’, ‘empowering’ and ‘successful’ are a few words that spring to my mind. Engagement is a vital ingredient in creating a positive workplace culture.

Event Services

Event services that support the EA and PA of today

The roles of Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants have evolved in recent years with today’s EA and PA taking on greater corporate events planning responsibilities. In recent years, I have been able to help streamline their corporate events planning processes by providing some select and strategic services. Here are 5 services that I have found to greatly benefit EAs and PAs in their event planning role.

How to determine your 'soft skill' training needs

Soft skill training is important to remain viable in a competitive marketplace, adapt to changes in the environment and maximise team performance and culture. It also provides an acknowledgment of your staff's importance in the organisation, a pathway for growth and motivation to stay with the company. Here are four strategies to help determine your organisation's soft skill needs.

Ideas for your work Christmas party in 2017

It is that time of year when you ponder what to plan for your office Christmas party. What will everyone enjoy doing? How do we better last year’s event? What is a good way to reward staff? Do we involve partners and families? What can we organise within budget? To help you decide on a rewarding and unforgettable event, here are our top four ideas for a staff Christmas party in 2017.

How to deal with difficult employees

This has been one of our most popular blogs so here it is again. It is an important topic for anyone in business who employees staff - ‘Dealing with difficult employees’! As a manager, it is your duty to deal with these issues quickly, before they spiral into a much bigger problem. It is an issue we cover in our corporate training programs and coaching, so we understand the challenges faced.

Training to build your high performance team

Achieving corporate success is reliant on building and maintaining high performance teams. As the term ‘high performance teams’ suggests, these are groups of people who perform at a high enough level on a consistent basis to achieve the desired business objectives. So how do we assemble a high performance team? There is some very effective corporate training out there that will provide valuable tools and knowledge to do this.

Top 5 benefits of team building today

Team building activities have long been associated with having fun and contributing to a positive team culture. Fun is still a key outcome of team building however organisations seek broader results today. In my experience as a team building facilitator talking almost daily with small business to multinationals, the top five benefits sought from team building programs are fun, effective communication, trust, collaboration and adapting to change.

Why workplace culture needs your full attention

We spend a lot of our lifetime working, don’t we! And, we channel a lot of our energy into doing well at our jobs! It makes sense to enjoy this time doesn’t it… love the work we do… have fun with our colleagues… look forward to the day ahead. That is why workplace culture deserves your full attention! If you prioritise team culture, you will be amazed at the results.

Why winter is ideal for team building

As winter approaches New Zealand for 2017, the temperature is getting cooler and the daylight hours are reducing. For offices and workplaces, winter can mean many things… a dip in staff morale, an increase in sick leave, less time spent outdoors and a busy period as end of financial year looms. A way to address these issues each winter is to do something out of the ordinary, something healthy and active, and something fun as a work team.

How does HR get a seat at the C-suite table?

With the success of a business or organisation very much reliant on its culture, the right people need to be recruited and those people need to be managed effectively. This highlights the importance and critical nature of Human Resources (HR) within the organisation. That is why I believe HR should have a seat at the C-suite table – amongst the top-line senior executives, decision makers and strategic thinkers of an organisation.

Maintaining the energy after an inspiring conference

Have you felt inspired and rejuvenated after a staff or industry conference? The change in routine and environment as well as the opportunity to learn and develop is exciting! Then what happens when the conference concludes and we return to our workplace? How can we bring the energy from the conference into our workplace culture? Here are five tips from Rachael Ziccone to energise your office.

The birth of Workplace Culture Month

April is an exciting month for us and we hope it will be for organisations around New Zealand. It is the inaugural Workplace Culture Month! My team created the concept for a dedicated ‘month’ to put the spotlight on the importance of team culture and how it can be improved it in all work environments. Our dream is that Workplace Culture Month becomes an annual fixture encouraging more businesses to prioritise culture in their workplace.

Map out the future of your company culture

Do you know what drives the culture of your team or company? Culture mapping is a great method to gain an understanding of those habitual behaviours and ‘water cooler’ conversations that drive the culture of the organisation. Simply, it is the authentic discovery of what your culture currently looks like and why it looks that way. And then it is the design of a great culture moving forward.

Making a start on your workplace culture

Practising a positive and fun team culture in your workplace requires time and commitment. Often these two little words ‘time’ and ‘commitment’ are the barriers for a company culture moving from poor or just bearable to good or even amazing. This blog will show you three simple activities that you can do in your workplace to make a start and commitment to impact your team culture for the better.

A bike for a tyke makes a powerful difference

The joy on any child’s face when they receive a new bike lights up a room. When the child comes from a disadvantaged background, this joy is priceless. The experience of building a bike from scratch in a team which is then donated to a child in need is even more powerful. That is our Bikes For Tykes charity team building program which we recently ran in Auckland for more than 60 staff from 2degrees.

How team building can positively impact company culture

Having a great culture is essential for the long term success and sustainability of any company. With most businesses today operating with numerous staff, how these staff fit and flourish within a larger team is vital in creating a successful culture. So how can team building positively impact company culture? The answer lies in these six results of team building activities.