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How team building can positively impact company culture

Having a great culture is essential for the long term success and sustainability of any company.

With most businesses today operating with numerous staff (from under 10 to into the thousands), how these staff fit and flourish within a larger team is vital in creating a successful culture.

So it can’t be underestimated the impact that regular team building activities can have on the culture of an organisation.

Having worked in team building for over a decade, I have seen the impact it has had on small to large organisations, and both those with dysfunctional cultures and those with already flourishing ones.

So how can team building positively impact company culture? The answer lies in these six results of team building activities:

1. It shows you care
2. It fosters inclusion
3. It creates a team environment
4. It develops engagement
5. It is fun
6. It has significant flow on effects

Let’s have a look at each…

1. Care

As we always reinforce to clients, team building is all about understanding, appreciating, maximising and developing the people you work with.

Very simply, putting time and resources into staging regular team building exercises will show that you care for your team.

It will really highlight that you care for their development; they fit effectively and harmoniously within their team; and, they are important contributors in the ultimate success of the organisation.

2. Inclusion

Every staff member is different. Some will be extroverted, others will be more introverted, some will thrive in group situations whilst others will prefer to work more autonomously.

No matter the personality and character traits your staff have, team building will foster inclusion.

Staff will feel included in your team environment and importantly understand how they and others can effectively contribute to the team.

3. Environment

As Alison Doyle explains in this article, company culture defines the environment in which employees work.

Environment can refer to both ‘physical’ elements such as office layout, pictures and colours, and ‘non-physical’ elements such as the feel, mood, atmosphere or vibe of the workplace.

Team building can particularly have an impact on these ‘non-physical’ elements. It can help create an environment of teamwork, positivity, confidence, responsibility, trust and respect.

4. Engagement

Engagement is certainly a buzz word in business at the moment and for good reason – effective communication is critical!

Whilst team building can foster the ‘inclusion’ of all staff, it also develops the ‘engagement’ of all staff.

This can be an environment where employees feel empowered to contribute ideas and thoughts freely, and leaders can effectively relate and communicate to all their staff.

5. Fun

We work a large portion of our lives, and how much better is it when we can have ‘fun’ and are encouraged to have ‘fun’ at work.

Fun can mean different things to different people, and that’s why team building is valuable. It is fun for all and can determine what a work environment of fun is for everyone.

There is substantial research on the value of fun in the workplace which I’ll leave for another blog. However in simple summary, fun creates positive morale and an enjoyable environment to operate in.

6. Flow On Effects

Whilst it has been important to look at the above five results of team building separately, it is important to also understand the powerful flow on effects these have. Let me explain very simply.

To fully reach the potential of your business requires a unified and positive company culture. That is a given!

So to achieve a unified and positive company culture requires caring leaders who inspire, and a team environment of inclusion, engagement and positivity.

Team building impacts on all of these, which is my explanation of how team building can positively impact company culture.

As Alison Doyle alluded to in her article, employees will enjoy their time in the workplace, develop better relationships with co-workers and be more productive within a great work culture.

So whether you’re considering team building activities in Auckland or some team activities in Wellington, you can now understand and appreciate how team building can impact on your company culture.

Michael Cromie, General Manager – Team Building, Corporate Challenge Events