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How Team Building Workshops Create High Performing Teams

Achieving corporate success today is reliant on building and maintaining high performance teams.

As the term ‘high performance teams’ simply suggests, these are groups of people who perform at a high enough level on a consistent basis to achieve the desired business objectives.

So how do we recruit or assemble a high-performance team?

There are some very effective workshops out there that will provide valuable tools and knowledge to do this.

But let’s park that for the moment and have a look at what comprises a high-performance team.

FIRST OF ALL… what comprises a high-performance team?

I think we’ve all heard the statement ‘people are a company’s greatest asset’.

People can be an asset but I believe this statement needs some conditions added like people in a high-performance team are a company’s greatest asset’!

What I mean is that you can have the best, most highly qualified and skilled people in the world in your organisation but unless they are empowered and fit within the team, they won’t be much of an asset.

The asset comes when you assemble a group of people, who previously may have had no association with each other, and you empower and enable them to perform productive and financially-viable work which achieves the organisation’s objectives.

This group of people is a high-performance team!


Research suggests that the four behaviours consistently demonstrated by high performance teams are:
  1. Defining clear team goals aligned with the overall organisational goals and corporate strategy;
  2. Creating blueprints for action to achieve those goals;
  3. Using language to build trust, encourage forward-thinking, grow confidence for decision making, share knowledge, solve problems and create energy within the team;
  4. Getting the right people involved at the right time.

This is where team workshops can help with the assembly of a high-performance team.

Training and workshops are not just nice to do. It is an absolute necessity, along with team building, that pays for itself many times over in improved performance and business results.

So how can a team building workshop help create a high-performance team?

Let’s take a closer look at the foundation each of our workshops are built on and how they influence positive change or action within a team and individual. When developing our programs, there are three fundamentals that must be present:



Self-awareness is the process of learning to observe yourself through other people’s eyes and yours too. Teams with high self-awareness are more agile, collaborate better and manage conflict with ease.

Research by Daniel Goldman shows that self-aware people are more successful, more confident, build better relationships, and are more effective leaders.

When we refer to awareness, we also refer to the practice of understanding others and the value they bring to the team. When individuals consciously acknowledge their own strengths and the strengths of others, they are better able to leverage them to collaborate and maximize the potential of the team. If some members have high awareness and others are naïve, then undoubtably the team will still suffer.

Each of our workshops aim to turn self-awareness into a team practice so that the group adapt and thrive collectively. Once a true understanding exists, only then can each team members make a calculated decision about taking specific action or change.


This brings us to choice…. in a workplace culture, the best performing teams are the ones that have learned to work through problems and make decisions together.

The importance of choice is linked with our basic human need to feel a sense of control. When an individual or team has options, they have control.

In the workplace, choice can emerge formally or informally but the fundamentals remain the same……by involving team members in a decision-making process, you create an opportunity for colleagues to collaborate, learn from each other, and work toward a common goal….. I want to emphasize this statement, particularly the “work towards a common goal” part. In order to effectively work towards a common goal as a team, a level of commitment or a conscious decision by each individual must exist.

When people buy in to a group decision then the implementation of the resulting action is more likely to come to fruition and be executed with success.


Lastly and arguably the most important aspect of any our workshops is the ability to turn knowledge into an actionable solution.

Most teams know when change must happen, but few grasp the importance of how to implement it. The answer here lies within the framework of the workshop…. You need an action plan to turn a team choice into a reality.

An action plan plays a crucial role in any positive change as it helps teams collaborate and communicate effectively to finish a project from start to finish. An action plan removes all uncertainty as to who’s responsible for what and sets realistic expectations. Creating a plan will strengthen teamwork and communicate strategies for implementing it at the same time.

All of our workshops enable teams to map out strategies and take small steps towards achieving long-term goals.

“Ideas without action aren’t ideas. They’re regrets.”

―Steve Jobs

Developing a high perming team doesn’t happen overnight, it takes hard work, consistency and the nurturing of key characteristics, behaviors, and best practices. No matter which workshop your team participates in, the secret is setting strategies that will appeal to your team to ensure maximum participation and lasting results so your culture (and performance) will continue to thrive long into the future! 


Purposefully designed to enhance your team’s performance and build a positive workplace culture, we are happy to help you identify a corporate team building workshop that will suit your team’s style and needs.