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Maintaining the energy after an inspiring conference

Have you felt inspired, refreshed and rejuvenated after a staff conference or an industry conference?

The conference itself is an opportunity to get out of the office, do some networking, work on your professional development and engage with some inspiring speakers.

The change in routine and environment as well as the opportunity to learn and develop is exciting!

Then what happens when the conference concludes and we return to our workplace, routine and culture?

How can we bring the energy from the conference into our workplace culture?

Here are five tips to energise your office…

1. Do some work in the great outdoors

Instead of having that meeting in the same old meeting room, put on your walking shoes and make it an active meeting instead.

Not only is it a great opportunity to squeeze some physical activity into your day but the change in environment will be refreshing and you will return to your desk feeling more relaxed, recharged and ready to go.

As Dwain Richardson talks about in his eBook ‘How to create a positive team culture for success!’, getting some vitamin D from sunlight will help your mental health as well.

So they are some great reasons to consider walking meetings and even grabbing the laptop and working outside (if it’s a nice environment)!

2. Encourage staff to take breaks

Eating lunch at our desks, avoiding casual chats with other staff, feeling like you blink and the day is gone… sound familiar?

We know it is not the best practice, but it doesn’t stop us from doing it to try to maximise every minute of the work day.

It is important that we all take a step back from our job at times and have a break. It will enable you to reenergise, refocus and reconnect with your colleagues, plus look after your health and wellbeing.

If you don’t, you will feel drained, tired and withdrawn from the rest of the team. This will detract from that positive and inclusive environment from the conference.

3. Schedule some fun office challenges

Who doesn’t love a little bit of healthy competition?

To add some fun and team bonding into the week, try some short three minute team building exercises.

They don’t need to be difficult and you can try a whole host of different challenges to suit all staff members’ interests.

It could be giant jenga, yoga, table tennis… you name it!

Not only will it get people moving, it will add a social and fun aspect to the day which is sure to become a weekly highlight in no time!

4. Host a regular ‘family lunch’

We all have to eat during the day (or should) so why not make an event of it!

At Corporate Challenge Events, we host regular ‘family lunches’ where our whole office spends quality time having lunch together, socialising and having a bit of a laugh.

Different departments or groups can take it in turns to organise and host the lunch with a different cuisine or theme each time.

You can make it as simple or extravagant as you want, the main point is that it brings the team together.

5. Set up a creative working space

Having a clean and organised work environment should be a given, but how do you transfer the positive vibe you achieved at your conference into your work space?

Set up a positive and empowering space by introducing different elements to your office or work station such as plants, artwork, photos, visual aids such as an action board or inspiring quotes and even recreational items such as a bean bag or mini basketball hoop.

redesign of the office can be done as a team which will only enhance your positive team culture.

Rachael Ziccone, Conference & Events Manager, Corporate Challenge Events