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Our Event Services

Our flexibility allows us to be a 'one stop shop' to deliver your entire event or we can support your event with a specific service

Services we deliver

Professional Conference Organisation
Project Management

For all events, we will provide a dedicated Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) who will be your sole point of contact. The PCO will manage a team of specialists to plan and deliver an extraordinary event. For efficiency, we use ‘dual access’ project management software enabling our clients to monitor budgets, delegate registrations, accommodation bookings and overall event planning progress.

Onsite Event Management

Our team of onsite staff will provide 24-hour support to the meeting owner, speakers, facilitators, event staff and suppliers. The dedicated PCO will be the onsite leader so clients are working with the same person from start to finish. Onsite staff will be responsible for the successful delivery and implementation of various event components under the direction and supervision of the PCO.

Venue Management
Venue Finding

We offer a venue finding service where we share our years of experience and industry knowledge with you, to find you the best venue for your next event! Let us source, negotiate and manage your venue booking for any event you have in mind. We can find the perfect venue for groups from 10 to 1,000+ for any location in Australia, New Zealand or further abroad.


We work with venues and caterers to deliver the freshest and tastiest menus designed specifically for each event. Our online registration system will obtain special dietary requirements to ensure we cater for all delegates accordingly.

Audio Visual & Theming

We focus on bringing our client’s vision to life through design and theming elements including lighting, staging, furniture, custom installations, centrepieces, floral displays, event branding and more. We have experience working with small to extravagant budgets to create a ‘wow-factor’.

Registration & Itinerary Management
Event Registration Systems

Online registration is a simple, cost effective and stress-free solution for most events. We can offer affordable and easy-to-administer online event registration systems with secure credit card payment. These registration systems can be customised to your event and feature your event branding.

Abstract Management

Abstract management portals enable potential conference presenters to upload and submit their papers efficiently and effectively. At the other end, they enable conference planners to collate and organise all papers into one simple-to-view document for the selection committee to peruse. Our portals are simple to set up, ensure accuracy in the submission of papers, and save time for both the presenter and the organiser.

Travel & Accommodation

Offering a complete travel service, our team will research, book and manage flights and transfers for your presenters and delegates from single to group bookings. As part of the service, we provide 24- hour emergency assistance, produce personalised and branded itineraries and offer access to competitive industry rates. We can also manage the accommodation bookings and blocks for presenters, delegates and VIPs to ensure a seamless process.

Conference Agendas
Conferences with Content

Our dedicated PCO will work with the client to develop a conference programme that delivers on the event objectives. We believe a well-planned and enriching programme is the driving force behind a successful conference or business event. We can design the entire conference agenda and offer dynamic sessions including specialist corporate training workshops and team building activities. Find out more on this exciting concept.

Team Building

Team Building

We strongly believe team building activities will bond your group as well as develop their communication and team work skills. A well-planned team building activity will add a fun, unique and unifying element to the conference. We can present team building options tailored to the event objectives, destination and budget.

Entertainment & Social Activities

We have extensive experience in organising special events such as private dining experiences, gala dinners, cocktail events and VIP events. Our design team will work with the client to create memorable social and entertainment activities that aligns with the overall theme or purpose of the event.

Partner Programmes

These programmes are a great way to encourage networking, deliver variety for delegates and showcase the event’s destination. We will work with local tourism bodies to design, plan and deliver partner programmes for as little as 5 through to over 500 tailored to your audience and event objectives.

Branding & Sponsorship

We value the important role sponsors contribute to the success of an event. Sponsors can help with generating working capital, event promotions and the overall production of the event. Our team works with clients to understand the event objectives and create sponsorship packages that provide value and excitement for potential sponsors. Using a tactical approach, we can seek sponsorship and manage the relationship thereafter.

Brand Design

Our internal design team can develop logos, advertisements, brochures and other promotional material tailored for each event. They understand the importance of brand and image and how these can best be applied to resonate with a target audience. Our design services include the creation and maintenance of event websites, and other vital digital tools used for conferencing today.

Event Websites

A vital tool for marketing and communication is having an effective website. We use the latest in event software to offer an array of website solutions all with the ability to be customised to each event and company brand. We work with both the event owners and our design team to turn a vision into reality and develop a conference website that is stunning in design and practical in function

Technology Integration
Event Apps

Event apps are a great tool for any conference whether 10 delegates or more than 1,000. They can even be customised so some features appear on the app for delegates and other features only for presenters. We can create event apps that feature real-time alerts, conference agendas, location and venue information, personalised profiles for presenters, exhibitor information, virtual networking, survey tools and much more.

Live Streaming

Live streaming a conference enables connection with an audience that is located remotely. Delegates can watch from anywhere in the world via any device with an Internet connection. Live streams can be ‘user-pays’ in a secured environment thus enabling another revenue stream for conference organisers. In addition, we can make conference content available as ‘video-on-demand’ creating more value for presenters and opportunities for those who were unable to attend.

Live Polling

Live polling is the ability via technology to display questions to the audience during a conference session and accept answers along with feedback in real-time. This technology can also calculate results immediately and provide a visual display to the audience via a user-selected graph or chart. It is a useful platform for the sharing of feedback, ideas and opinions to create an even more collaborative and educational environment for the event.

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