Workplace Wellbeing

The Science of Gratitude

Almost everyone suffers from lack of appreciation for hard work. Despite our best intentions and actions, we often give and receive much more flak than gratitude. As human beings, we are hungry for genuine appreciation and thanks. Learn how and when to give gratitude effectively and in a way that affects your team’s happiness in the workplace.

Happiness at Work                             

Research shows that 82% of people feel that they are not able to flourish to their full capacity at work each day. This is not through a lack of companies trying but we need to understand what authentically motivates us. There are five elements that are scientifically proven to increase life satisfaction when applied. Learn what drives your motivation at your authentic core.

Leaders Mental Health

Develop the knowledge and practical skills necessary to manage employees with mental health issues on an ongoing basis. Build a team culture with mental health protective factors to minimise mental health risks to the rest of the team. We can also provide information and assessments on a full system mental health integration.


Balance is achieved when all sides are evenly weighted. The problem is that it’s not going anywhere! Not only is work-life balance close to impossible to achieve, if you did manage it, there’s a good chance that it wouldn’t fulfil you anyway. Discover how to intentionally imbalance your life to maximise the specific moments that will give you a fulfilling and satisfying life.Cooperate brings focus on scientifically proven methods and tools that can be applied in the workplace for building trust, team communication, cohesion and co-operation. This activity provides opportunity for observation and feedback. It can be delivered as a stand-alone activity or in conjunction with Belbin Team Roles.

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