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Embrace your inner photographer… without needing to sit in a bush for hours, ride around on a vesper motorbike or invest in camouflage clothing. Capture the perfect shot as you truly experience your surroundings, explore the sights and capture all the memories you will make in this fun and creative programme!
The award-winning Chief of Photography at Corporate Challenge Events has recently been on assignment and taken a number of show stopping photos.

However, a disgruntled colleague who did not want them submitted for award glory has taken the printed pictures and cut them into pieces.

Armed with iPads featuring the latest photography technology, teams are now required to find the location which these photos were taken and endeavour to capture that award-winning shot themselves.

Teams will work together to complete a number of recreational and problem-solving activities that meet your organisation’s team building objectives.

Each activity offers teams the chance to secure a piece of the photo as a reward. The greater the team’s success in the activities, the greater the team’s chance of re-creating the original photo.

But it’s not just a matter of recreating the award-winning shot, teams must also find, obtain and include in the picture all of the props that the Chief of Photography asks for.

For the final challenge, teams must use the photo editing app on their iPad to edit the photo so that it is the most aesthetically pleasing photo possible.

Snapshot is a fun and intriguing team building programme which will test leadership, resourcefulness, interpretation and creativity.

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Primary benefit
Fun teambuilding with tailored outcomes
Recreational events promoting team interaction
Secondary benefit

Time management
Decision making

Team size
For groups of any size.
From 2 – 4 hours
Space requirements
Can be delivered in any large private or public outdoor setting