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Using your destination for team building

A great way for your team to learn more about the city they work or for your conference delegates to explore the location they are visiting is a destination-based team building event.

Each city, town and region has its own beauty, wonder, features and history. So why not take advantage of these and have some fun exploring and learning more about the destination, all whilst engaging in an outcome-focused team building program.

We all work in amazing locations. But how often do we take the time to delve into the area’s history or take advantage of its natural assets?

A team building program can enable this plus provide many and various other benefits such as enhanced team work, leadership, communication, navigation skills, strategic and creative thinking and much more.

The same can be said for conferences especially if most of the delegates are visiting from elsewhere.

Conferences are all staged in locations with many features. But how many visiting delegates have the opportunity to explore the region before travelling home?

A team building activity can be a great way to break up the conference program by adding a fun, social and engaging event to take advantage of the location.

As most of you reading this article are starting your summer where you live, it’s a perfect opportunity to consider your city or town for a fun outdoor team building program.

To give you a head start, here are my suggestions for a fun and enriching team building program to take advantage of CBD, suburban and regional locations.

1. City or CBD

A great team building event to take advantage of a busy CBD location is City Scramble.

Not only does this program deliver exceptional team development in collaboration, planning, time management and having fun, it is focused on the participants exploring the local area.

For groups from out of town, City Scramble is a good way to achieve the benefits of a team building program whilst sightseeing at the same time.

Highly Recommended: Hunt for Santa’s Sleigh, Mission Impossible, Picture Perfect

2. Suburbs

A great option for a team building event in the suburbs is Par for a Cause.

This program requires teams to build a mini golf hole using non perishable items, which are later donated to charity. Ultimately a fun and adventurous putt putt course is constructed and a showdown to uncover the next Jason Day.

Par for a Cause is easily delivered in a local park or sports oval, and offers a range of team building benefits along with the added bonus of giving back to the community.

Highly Recommended: Play It Forward, Fugitive, Raft Regatta

3. Regional or Country areas

If your location is coastal, bushy, rustic or even barren, the Survivor program is worth considering.

A location that presents its own natural challenges and wondrous landscape adds to the Survivor theme.

Like its reality television namesake, Survivor requires tribes to work together to negotiate various physical and problem solving challenges until an ultimate survivor is crowned.

Highly Recommended: Great Race, It’s a Knockout, Chariot Chase

What I have endeavoured to show is that your location should be thought of an asset when considering your next team day.

Having your team event tie in with the location will increase engagement and buy in from your participants and the overall effectiveness of the program.

Creating positive and fun team cultures requires an ongoing commitment, so why not try a fun destination-based program for your next team building event.

Dwain Richardson, Managing Director, Corporate Challenge Events