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Why winter is ideal for team building

As winter approaches New Zealand for 2017, the temperature is getting cooler and the daylight hours are reducing.

For offices and workplaces, winter can mean many things… a dip in staff morale, an increase in sick leave, less time spent outdoors and a busy period as end of financial year looms.

A way to address these issues each winter is to do something out of the ordinary, something healthy and active, and something fun as a work team.

Here are four reasons why winter is still an ideal time for team building!

1. Team building activities can be staged outdoors or indoors

Winter can bring some beautiful sunny conditions whether it is Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, albeit a bit cooler, so why not take advantage of the great outdoors.

Your team will enjoy the fresh air, the sunshine and the natural surrounds. It’s a great energiser for everybody and a way to do something physically active together.

Almost all of our 40+ team building programs can be delivered in an outdoor environment with the added bonus of having an indoor contingency.

By that I mean, if the weather forecast turns bleak in the days leading up, your team event can still go ahead indoors with many of the same benefits.

We source indoor venues appropriate for the activity so it could be a community hall, recreation centre, corporate kitchen, conference room, gymnasium or even a winery.

So, don’t be deterred by the weather, your team building event can be delivered either outdoors or indoors.

2. Prepare or reward your team for EOFY

End Of Financial Year (EOFY) is an important and busy time for most businesses in New Zealand.

It may be due to the finalising of accounts, budgeting for the next year, tax preparation, strategic planning, performance analysis or it’s a peak retail sales period.

With this additional demand on your business from June to August, team building activities are vital for your team.

With our 23 years’ experience in this area, we have identified two ‘stand out’ benefits of team building activities over EOFY:

1. To invigorate your team prior to a busy period
2. To reward your team members for their efforts over this busy period

Here is another blog about team building for EOFY which elaborates on these two points.

3. Boost morale with a fun team activity

Morale amongst staff can be a bit lower during the winter months for no other reason than the weather!

There is also typically an increase in colds and flus which can also affect mood and morale.

Throw in a busy period over EOFY and many workers can bunker down to get through the day, otherwise known as the daily grind.

So, surprising your group with a few fun and active team events through winter can be extremely valuable to boost morale.

Team building is an important cog for all business to maintain strong morale. We list morale as one of the 10 key results of undertaking a team building program.

4. You can support a charity in need

Many charities receive less donations and support during the winter months and this is often the time they need it most.

Think of charities that support the homeless, animals, elderly and sick – they are all in need during the colder months.

Why not use winter as the time to do a charity team building program as part of your CSR objectives. These are great team events and allow you to give back to your local community or a cause in need.

All of our charity programs can be undertaken indoors too so you don’t have to worry about the weather spoiling this experience.

Here is an example of a charity team building event we delivered in Auckland with a powerful result for both the client and charity.

There you have four great reasons to plan some corporate team building activities over the next few months.

Make the most of winter as a work team and also be sure to ask about any ‘winter specials’ with your team building provider!

Michael Cromie, General Manager – Team Building, Corporate Challenge Events