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Why it is Important to have Fun in the Workplace!

The start of a new year can bring excitement and renewed enthusiasm for employees but it can also herald changes in roles and personnel for many organisations. Incorporating fun into the office early in the New Year is a great way to harness enthusiasm amongst staff, integrate new people into your team, and to develop a positive team culture.

I firmly believe that positive and fun team cultures create success!

I also understand that maintaining positive team cultures requires ongoing commitment and planning. So how can fun and enjoyment be embraced in the workplace?

A vital ingredient is generating a fun work culture!

When I established Corporate Challenge Events I made a commitment to enjoying my work life, I have since then dedicated my career to helping others find the fun in their work lives and develop fun work cultures.

When I say ‘fun’ and the term ‘play’ in the workplace, I am not suggesting for your staff to ‘mess around’ and lose sight of what your business goals and objectives are. I’m also not suggesting that every task we do at work will be fun, but in essence, imagine looking forward to and being positive about going to work each day.

‘Fun’ and ‘play’ is about incorporating tasks, processes and activities into the workplace that put smiles on the faces of staff, creates some laughter and generates a positive vibe.

I have found a great place to start in generating ‘fun’ and ‘play’ is having regular…

  • Games and Competitions

Weekly, monthly or annual competitions with prizes can create some friendly rivalry and also lift performance and productivity. These may range from a game to achieve business targets to participating in a staff footy tipping competition.

  • Team Gatherings

Regular occasions for the team to come together will help everyone learn, understand and appreciate each other. This may include birthday activities, team building events, professional development days and milestone celebrations.

It is important also to consult with your team in deciding what games and team events to stage. Find out what they enjoy and what motivates them and witness the positivity emerge!

By bringing fun into your workplace, whether it’s by a regular social club gathering or a game to see which team displays their weekly results in the most creative fashion, there will be a number of benefits for the business.


Here is what I have seen as four key results of workplace fun:

1. Productivity

Today’s fast-paced world is demanding more from all of us. Managers and business owners are asking more of people and it is well documented that happier people are more efficient.

2. Engagement

If you are having fun with a task, you are more engaged with that task. Finding ways to help your team have fun will develop greater focus and thus better outcomes.

3. Creativity

In this business world of rapid change, organisational agility is becoming increasingly more important. A relaxed and enjoyable environment is more conducive to generating new ideas and clearer thinking.

4. Teamwork

If you are having fun surrounded by people who you enjoy being around, you will deliver better results. Teams that play together, succeed together!

I believe “positive team cultures create success”.  So don’t look at fun and play in the workplace as wasting time. It will create a winning culture and ultimately an enjoyable place to live our work lives.