The importance of trust in choosing a supplier

Recently I was talking to a client who has returned to us year-after-year for her company’s team building activities. For any supplier, achieving repeat business is gold! It shows that the service is regularly required by that customer and, importantly, meeting their needs. But further than that, this client reinforced a very important reason why they returned to us - trust! Let’s have a look at the importance of trust in selecting suppliers.


A leadership coach will make a difference

Coaching is universally linked to sport. Most sporting teams and individual athletes, whether at the elite or recreational level, have coaches to teach, train, plan and develop. They guide team members to become leaders and leaders to become the best leader they can be. It is no different in business! Except coaching isn’t as widely utilised as it should be. So how can coaching make a difference in the corporate world?

Staff Conference

Having a culture breakthrough at your staff conference

For many organisations, their annual conference may be the only time in the year that all staff get together. It’s a great opportunity to share, learn, plan and bond, while everyone is in the same place at the same time. Because everyone is together, what cannot be underestimated is the impact it can have on culture. Here are three tried and proven ways to have a culture breakthrough at your next company conference.

Bringing fun into serious planning with your team

It is that time of year when many companies embark on strategic planning, budget planning, creative planning or even operational planning. The common term here is ‘planning’. So a question to you… how can you extract the creative and innovative potential through team building to maximise these planning sessions and develop a future-focused plan beyond your expectations?

Company Retreat

Team building activities popular for corporate retreats

Today’s executive retreat is more purposeful than ever with organisations looking to maximise the occasion with strategic planning sessions, team building exercises and tailored corporate training workshops. So why is team building important to include in these retreats? They foster a positive team culture and empower senior executives to lead from the front in instilling a great culture throughout the team.

Commonwealth Games team event

Create your own Commonwealth Games at work

It is an exciting time in New Zealand with the Commonwealth Games coming up just across the ditch. It is hard not to get caught up in the spirit of these major events. With so much media attention on them and the best athletes in New Zealand taking part, it becomes a daily talking point in the office. So why not harness this spirit and stage your own Commonwealth Games team event at work!

Training with FISH

The benefits of training with FISH!

By training with FISH!, I am not talking about jumping into the sea and swimming with fish. By training with FISH!, I am talking about learning, appreciating and applying the universal training philosophy called FISH! Let me share the benefits I have experienced by living the practices of the FISH! corporate training philosophy for well over a decade.

12 benefits of team building

When we hear the term ‘team building’, instantly we are drawn to the word ‘team’ and then what can be done to help this ‘team’ improve or grow. To me, team building is about understanding, appreciating, developing and maximising the people in your team, and also the team as a unified group. Here are 12 key benefits that any business, organisation or club will attain by undertaking a team building program.

Belbin training

Take your team to the next level with profiling

Having functional, cohesive, efficient and productive teams will contribute to a successful business or organisation in New Zealand. This Q&A with Anita Kropacsy will explain how profiling can lead to successful teams. Profiling is about the greater understanding of yourself, your staff, how your team can work more effectively as a unit and what else you may need in your team.

Conference planning

A starting point to plan your staff conference

Are you organising a staff conference for your company this year? Here at Corporate Challenge Events in New Zealand, we are regularly contacted by organisations seeking guidance on how to plan a staff conference from our experience as a professional conference organiser. To help you get started, we have compiled 10 important questions you should work through when event planning your staff conference.

Our top team building programs for 2018

The success of organisations is driven by the performance of teams which means a priority is having happy, motivated, healthy and team-oriented staff. Scheduling regular team building and bonding activities through the year is a great way to maintain this commitment. So what team activities and games are good to stage through the year you may ask? Here are our top 18 team building programs for 2018.

Your environment affects your team culture

How your workplace is set up to look and feel has an impact on the culture of your organisation. Your environment showcases what you value, and reflects and reinforces your culture! This blog focuses on the third of the 3 Es of a positive team culture – Environment – and 10 tips how you can contribute to the look and feel of your workplace to create a fun, happy and successful culture.

Inspired to share the FISH! philosophy with you

About 18 months ago, we reset our vision as a company. Through a process we undertook, we discovered our staff were inspired by working in a great culture and empowered by delivering services that spread this into other organisations. Today we continue our vision! We are proud to be accredited as a training provider of the FISH! philosophy - globally recognised for inspiring teams and developing positive business cultures.

School Team Building

Team building to start the school year

The start of the school year is important for students, teachers and staff for a variety of reasons and a common one is team building. Whether it’s to develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills or focus on responsibility, trust and bonding, team building has a very important place in schools. With school planning for 2018 underway, here are four recommendations of fun and engaging team building activities to commence the year.

Team Building

How to create a highly engaged team of staff

Imagine working with a team of employees who are fully engaged, have an attentive focus and possess an active willingness to work towards the goals of the organisation. Now imagine your culture with all employees engaged… positive’, ‘inspiring’, ‘empowering’ and ‘successful’ are a few words that spring to my mind. Engagement is a vital ingredient in creating a positive workplace culture.

Event Services

Event services that support the EA and PA of today

The roles of Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants have evolved in recent years with today’s EA and PA taking on greater corporate events planning responsibilities. In recent years, I have been able to help streamline their corporate events planning processes by providing some select and strategic services. Here are 5 services that I have found to greatly benefit EAs and PAs in their event planning role.

How to determine your 'soft skill' training needs

Soft skill training is important to remain viable in a competitive marketplace, adapt to changes in the environment and maximise team performance and culture. It also provides an acknowledgment of your staff's importance in the organisation, a pathway for growth and motivation to stay with the company. Here are four strategies to help determine your organisation's soft skill needs.