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Mediocre is not ok!

In today’s world, service quality is a given. At least in my mind  it should be.

A recent experience has alerted me to the reality of this statement. No matter how large or how small a business, in the service industry a supplier should exceed your expectations. The following is a guide on what to look for when selecting a service provider who will impress and deliver.

1. Build a Relationship

When engaging a service provider you want to find someone you feel comfortable with and feel you can trust. Whether it be to develop a website, clean a car or plan an event you want to feel that the person/company you engage has your best interests at heart and understands your needs

2. Under Promise, Over Deliver

This is the most important aspect of any service industry. If your provider promises to have something done that day make sure they get it done that day. You should be occasionally surprised, for example receiving a car care bag after cleaning the car or finding upgraded table decorations on an event. An excellent service provider will stand out for the little things they continually do to over deliver.

3. It’s Not Just a Job

You’ve discussed your needs, been informed how they can help you and it’s now time to choose a provider. My suggestion is to select the provider who portrayed the greatest passion. The best service providers are those that are passionate about what they do and their career is more than just a job!

4. Demand Quality

In today’s world it is not unreasonable to expect the best possible quality. People are more knowledgeable there is easier access to resources, therefore it is not unreasonable to expect MORE.

Next time your in the market for a service provider hopefully the above tips will help you make the right decision.

At Corporate Challenge we have these expectations of ourselves and our suppliers, and you should too!