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How to create a highly engaged team of staff

Imagine working with a team of employees who are fully engaged, have an attentive focus and possess an active willingness to work towards the goals of the organisation. Most of us strive to have an engaged team like this.

Now imagine your culture with all employees engaged… ‘positive’, ‘inspiring’, ‘empowering’ and ‘successful’ are a few words that spring to my mind.

Engagement is a vital ingredient in creating a positive workplace culture.

In a recent blog, I introduced you to the 3 Es of a positive team culture – Education, Engagement and Environment… and focused on the first E – Education.

This time, my focus is on the second E – Engagement – which means being involved and invested in the team you are in.

These are six strategies that I recommend for you to use in your workplace to help create greater engagement with and amongst your team.

1. Team building activities

A well planned and executed team building programme will not only lift the energy of your team but allow individuals to experience each other outside of their normal work environment.

Your staff will get to appreciate everyone for who they are, not what position they hold.

Team building activities can also be creative ways to develop ideas or strategies for the business.

2. Performance-based Christmas celebrations

Early in the business year, set your team some tiered goals to aspire to for the year ahead and promote various incentives for attaining each tier.

If achieved, the rewards can be tied into your corporate events planning and announced at your workplace Christmas party.

Be bold and set the ultimate reward as something spectacular like a trip away to an exotic destination.

3. Public acknowledgement

Acknowledge a job well done during team meetings.

Recognition of success in front of peers can be a continual form of motivation and inspire others to follow.

However, it is important to understand that not everyone responds to public acknowledgement so it can pay to check first.

4. Social media group

Harnessing the popularity of social media, why not create a closed Facebook group for your organisation that only staff are invited to join.

Encourage your team to share what they do to promote a positive culture at work.

You will be surprised at all the little things that make a difference and might just inspire others to follow suit.

5. Team lunches

On a regular basis, simply organise a team lunch. It may be in your lunch room, taking advantage of the great outdoors or visiting a local café or restaurant.

You could consider a roster for groups of staff so they take it in turns bringing plates for everyone to share.

Another idea is to incorporate a theme to add another fun element to the occasion.

6. Innovation projects

Create small project teams that involve staff interested in that particular project even if it is outside of their general area of employment.

Focus these projects around the future of the business and allocate time for these teams to work on them.

You just never know what new ideas and innovations will evolve.

For more strategies on engagement for your workplace, you can download my free eBook ‘How to create a positive team culture for success

A positive team culture will lead to success! So, the more time you invest and involve yourself in your team will only create more success for your organisation as a whole.

Dwain Richardson, Managing Director, Corporate Challenge Events