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Training to build your high performance team

Achieving corporate success today is reliant on building and maintaining high performance teams.

As the term ‘high performance teams’ simply suggests, these are groups of people who perform at a high enough level on a consistent basis to achieve the desired business objectives.

So how do we recruit or assemble a high performance team?

There is some very effective corporate training out there that will provide valuable tools and knowledge to do this.

But let’s park that for the moment and have a look at what comprises a high performance team.

I think we’ve all heard the statement ‘people are a company’s greatest asset’.

People can be an asset but I believe this statement needs some conditions added like ‘people in a high performance team are a company’s greatest asset’!

What I mean is that you can have the best, most highly qualified and skilled people in the world in your organisation but unless they are empowered and fit within the team, they won’t be much of an asset.

The asset comes when you assemble a group of people, who previously may have had no association with each other, and you empower and enable them to perform productive and financially-viable work which achieves the organisation’s objectives.

This group of people is a high performance team!

Research suggests that the four behaviours consistently demonstrated by high performance teams are:

1. Defining clear team goals aligned with the overall organisational goals and corporate strategy;
2. Creating blueprints for action to achieve those goals;
3. Using language to build trust, encourage forward-thinking, grow confidence for decision making, share knowledge, solve problems and create energy within the team;
4. Getting the right people involved at the right time.

This is where corporate training can help with the assembly of a high performance team.

Training is not just nice to do. It is an absolute necessity, along with team building, that pays for itself many times over in improved performance and business results.

So how can training help create a high performance team?

There is so much talent in all teams and organisations – sometimes it is hidden or you don’t know how to bring it out in someone.

A high performance team is all about engaging the right people at the right time. Remember, that was the fourth behaviour consistently demonstrated by high performance teams.

This is one way training can help create a high performance team – knowing how to get the right people involved on a project at the right time.

The corporate training I recommend is a Belbin Team Profiling workshop followed by project-based coaching to maximise its application in a real situation.

Generally, profiling is a great way to identify what a person’s strengths and weaknesses are.

Belbin Team Profiling not only provides knowledge and tools to do this, it takes it to another level to help build a high performance team.

It enables the creation of a team that has an effective balance of different profiles, understanding of how to apply each other’s strengths to the best effect, and, knowledge of when to involve different team members in the project.

Belbin creates a team structure for high performance. Teams will be equipped to develop a process to ensure the baton is passed at the right times to the people who thrive at different stages of a project or problem solving situation.

Belbin Team Profiling is delivered in a workshop format over anywhere from two to six hours. The best learning is achieved when individual or team coaching sessions are undertaken following the workshop especially for the application to real situations or projects.

Anita Kropacsy, Corporate Training Manager, Corporate Challenge Events