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Event services that support the EA and PA of today

The roles of Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants have evolved in recent years with today’s EA and PA often taking on greater corporate events planning responsibilities.

Nowadays EAs and PAs can spend on average upwards of a day per week on event planning which is a significant workload on top of all their other responsibilities.

It is challenging for EAs and PAs to be multi-dimensional like this and can be stressful when events draw near.

On the flip side, it is rewarding to work on events especially when they come to fruition and can be a lot of fun along the planning journey too.

Now a massive tip to keep it rewarding and fun, learn about the various event services that can be outsourced and establish relationships with service providers.

Then the role of the EA and PA becomes more of an event manager without the stress of performing the many time-consuming and often technical or specialist tasks involved in a professional event.

By working with dozens of EAs and PAs over the past few years, I have been able to help streamline their corporate events planning processes by providing some select and strategic services.

Here are five services that my team and I have found to greatly benefit EAs and PAs in their event planning role.

1. Event consultancy software

Sometimes the hardest part of an event is getting started and early planning is a vital ingredient for a successful event.

We provide ‘dual access’ event software to develop critical paths and timelines for EAs and PAs.

This software enables access by both the client and us so we can provide input and support and our clients are set up to plan and deliver their event.

2. Conference agendas and speakers

I believe a well-planned and enriching agenda is the driving force behind a successful conference or business event.

We work with EAs and PAs to develop a program or agenda that addresses the event objectives.

Depending on the scope, we can design the entire conference agenda, source speakers or just be tasked with organising specific sessions such as corporate training workshops and team building activities.

3. Customised digital platforms

There is a clear shift towards greater sustainability in events planning.

One way of being more sustainable is by integrating technology into your conference. It may sound scary if technology is not your thing, but it doesn’t need to be.

We can support you with custom platforms such as event applications (apps), websites, live streaming and live polling. The beauty of these platforms is they are already developed and only need to be tailored for your event.

These digital platforms will take your event to the next level of interactivity and engagement whilst demonstrating your commitment to a greener and sustainable future.

4. Online registration

Online registration is a simple, cost-effective and stress-free solution for all events.

We can develop an easy-to-use and customised online form which can collect special requests, dietary requirements, contact details, and, travel and accommodation requirements from your delegates.

It enables you to compile and organise delegates, send out important event information, and, create evaluation forms that can be sent direct to delegates after the event.

5. Venue finding

Venue finding is our most sought-after single service in the planning of a corporate event.

The administrative and legal complexities of sourcing and securing the right venue can be time-consuming.

It will save you a lot of time and stress if you outsource this service to a professional events planner like us who understands these issues and has a wide network of existing venue relationships.

So, they are five services to consider outsourcing for your next corporate event or conference.

We are always delighted to have a no obligation conversation to help EAs and PAs get started along the path to a successful, stress-free and fun event.

Rachael Ziccone, Conference & Events Manager, Corporate Challenge Events