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Attention all students and teachers!

Have you heard about our thrilling new programme that is sure to tick all the boxes for your next team building day?

The Corporate Challenge Events School EDventure is a thrilling adventure style programme that provides students with the opportunity to build real world skills and boost local knowledge all while building communication, making connections and having FUN of course!

Students will need to think fast and work together as a team if they want to successfully navigate their way around their city and complete enough daring checkpoint challenges to earn maximum points and claim the ultimate victory.

I know what you’re thinking… that’s a lot of ground to cover, how will they ever do it?  By using public transport of course!  Not only does the School EDventure take students on an engaging and thrilling journey, it also equips students with the skills and the experience they need to safely and responsibly use a public transport network.

But don’t just take our word for it!  Read all about a local School’s past experience below.

A case Study:

What Outcomes Was the Client Looking For:

Our client wanted to provide their students with a unique, exciting and engaging challenge that adequately addressed the Travel Education Framework requirements.   The programme needed to ensure that students could independently and confidently navigate their way around the public transport system, whilst also promoting student connection, communication and trust.

Primary Goal

Successfully travel independently using public transport

Number of Students


Overview of the Experience:

The students excitedly gathered with a sense of anticipation hanging in the air.  We began with a thorough briefing and detailed explanation on how to use our custom built application that would serve as the digital guide for the next three hours. Upon completion of the briefing the students were given time to strategise with their team of five for the challenge ahead, before they were given the green light, and the race began.

Each team was challenged to navigate their way to upwards of 30 geo-locked checkpoints around the CBD. The checkpoint locations were specifically selected as various points of interest for the students and included iconic landmarks rich in history and accessible by public transport.

Once students arrived at each location this is when the real competition began.  Upon arrival at the correct destination the app opened with a question about the specific location.  Students then had to work together to answer the questions correctly if they wanted to earn the maximum points available.

But this challenge offered more than just trivia questions, with three compulsory team building challenges that needed to be completed.   These team building challenges had to be completed correctly in order for teams to be able to move on to further rounds.

As the clock ticked down, teams raced back to the final checkpoint at HQ.  Upon arrival teams scores were tallied as we drew closer to the nail-biting conclusion of the event.  But there can only be one winner and as the final scores were tallied, the School EDventure champions were crowned.   As the crowd applauded the whole group was smiling, knowing that the day had brought lifelong memories that they would be talking about for years to come.

What did the Students Learn:

The students from this secondary school walked away with an unparalleled confidence and independence.  They were comfortable in their knowledge and abilities to use and navigate public transport around their local city, which are skills that they would take with them long into the future.  They also were able to discover the very best that their city has to offer, gaining key knowledge around its rich history.  The increase of communication, connection and collaboration felt throughout the year level has only continued to grow long after the programmes conclusion.

Thankyou for the thoughtful program put together to accommodate our school.  Everyone had a great day, there was nothing we could fault, the enthusiasm and presentation was second to none.  The activities were varied, interesting and thought provoking, they certainly encompassed our team spirit.  We would highly recommend this program to others. 5 Stars!!

The Survivor Challenge we were recently involved in through Corporate Challenge Events, are always such a success! The staff always do a wonderful job with our students. All staff are fantastic to communicate with, show enthusiasm and are brilliant in tailoring activities to suit student needs.

TIt was a great team building session and Todd was a fantastic presenter. The activities were hands on, engaging and fun..

Don't Take Our Word for It

We have long worked with a number of schools to bring students together and promote positive school cultures, where students feel comfortable to communicate, collaborate and play.  But don’t just take our word for it!  Hear from some previous School Events that Corporate Challenge have had the pleasure to be a part of.

Want to know more? Visit the School Edventure webpage for more details on how your school can join the fun