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The benefits of training with FISH!

By training with FISH!, I am not talking about jumping into the sea and swimming with fish.

By training with FISH!, I am talking about learning, appreciating and applying the universal training philosophy called FISH!

Why? Let me share the benefits I have experienced by living the practices of the FISH! philosophy for well over a decade.

Firstly, if you don’t know the background story on FISH!, how it began and where it originated, I strongly recommended you read this snapshot to provide some context.

Some further exploration of the official FISH! website will also highlight five key areas in the workplace that it will provide transformational impact – retention and recruitment; customer service; engagement and morale; teamwork and trust; and, innovation and play.

From my experience, I agree with all of those five, but would like to share the benefits that teams can take away from FISH! in five other ways.

1. Everyone contributes

FISH! shows that cultural change is the responsibility of everyone in an organisation, not just senior management. Each person is a vital cog for success and can impact others significantly.

2. Builds trust and teamwork

FISH! provides four simple practices that will build trust, teamwork, accountability and appreciation. The practices can be applied by anyone at any moment in any situation.

3. Great culture = great customer service

FISH! improves the culture within an organisation which will lead to better customer service which will lead to greater customer satisfaction, increased repeat business and more referrals.

4. Enjoy your job

FISH! helps everyone enjoy their job. We spend a lot of our adult lives at work – 100,000 hours or more. It would be a tragedy to spend this time unhappy and uninspired, for both the person and organisation.

5. Agile Leadership

FISH! develops leaders who lead, influence and inspire. It shows leaders there is always a choice on how we behave every moment of every day. You can choose your attitude to create the best possible outcome for any situation.

My team at Corporate Challenge Events have all been trained in the FISH! philosophy and everyday I’m heartened by its power.

Recently, I had a presentation to make in Queensland which required me to fly from my home base in Melbourne to the Gold Coast.

My presentation was 1pm and I had booked an early morning flight to give myself ample time to get to the venue for my presentation. So I thought!

You can probably see where this is going. Yes, my flight was delayed and the new time would make my arrival at the venue very tight.

I could feel myself getting anxious. So, I chose my attitude to stay calm and stayed in communication with my team in Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

On arrival into the Gold Coast, I checked my messages and my team had arranged immediate transportation for me to transfer to the venue so I didn’t have to wait for a taxi.

My team’s contribution made my day and my positivity was reflected in my presentation. It was one of the best I have delivered and it all came down to some simple practices.

Another example on how FISH! has impacted our processes and customer service is a small addition we made in our communication with customers.

In training with FISH!, one of the practices is ’Be There’ – being fully present in every moment. This can mean being focused on a conversation and not distracted by other things happening in your mind or around you.

Like many businesses, we talk directly with customers over the phone whether it’s about team building activities, corporate special events or training workshops. Now how agitating is it, when you talk to someone over the phone and you hear them typing. You think they are not being fully attentive.

We have a simple process to advise the person on the other end of the phone that we may type during the conversation just to record information from the conversation into our system.

This reinforces to the customer through simple communication that we are present in the conversation and not doing other work while talking to them.

I hope that shows some of the benefits I have experienced from training with FISH!.

It’s not just a training philosophy, it’s a way of being which will directly impact the culture of your organisation. And it’s so simple!

Dwain Richardson, Managing Director, Corporate Challenge Events