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5 Team Building Programmes Tailored to your Organisation

Today there are so many different types of team building programmes it is easy to get confused and lost in the maze of options out there. A growing trend in the market is a demand for team building programmes that can be tailored to suit an organisations’ objectives. Customising a programme can come in many forms from reinforcing company values to managing change; however the importance lies with identifying key outcomes.

With over 25 years of experience in the events industry we thrive on being challenged to come up with the best programme to meet a client’s strategic objectives. There is opportunity to design or modify all of our programmes to achieve desired outcomes, so where do you start to decide what the most effective team building programme is for your organisation?

In an endeavor to make it as simple as possible for our clients; we have outlined our top five most suited team building programmes that can be custom designed.

Company Creativity

 Company Creativity provides a great platform for organisations to maximise their teams’ talents and creativity to develop a promotional campaign, a product launch or short film tailored to the company and key outcomes. Teams compete to win the contract for a television campaign based on the production that best meets the brief and objectives, and wows the judges. Whilst participants become a script writer, director, editor and video star all in one day; this programme also provides opportunity to reinforce key messages in a fun and light hearted environment.

 Art in a Day

Art in a Day is a unique opportunity to explore and discover the creative potential in your team. The value of the artistic process unfolds in this programme as teams create their own office masterpiece. Many clients use their own company branding as the basis or inspiration for the artwork with many finished pieces hanging proudly in workplaces around the country. It can also be a valuable exercise to develop creative concepts and encourage unity around important company values.

Safe Crack

Participants join the police force as they work as a team to sift through the evidence, uncover the combination to a safe and identify the culprits to solve the case! Safe Crack provides opportunity for the case, evidence and clues all to be entirely tailored to an organisations objectives. The programme can be designed around a company’s values, a conference theme or even structured around organisational change. Safe Crack demonstrates strategy, team work, and problem solving but where the programme really comes to life is when teams realise all the information they are deciphering relates to them!

Risk Reward

Requiring strategy, trust, teamwork and process improvement, teams are challenged to grow their finances through calculated risk taking and become the most profitable! All teams will have to create a fictional company and a product that can be related to your own organisations product or service. All companies will be credited with a sum of company dollars and teams will need to invest in their forecasted success in activities. Activities can be tailored to address specific desired outcomes and facilitated discussion incorporated to encourage participants to translate their learnings back to the office environment.


If you want to harness the continually growing world of technology then this is the programme you have been seeking. Blending specially designed custom software with a fast paced scavenger hunt this programme is sure to blow your mind.  The objective of the programme  is to gain as many points as possible by completing activities and visiting as many checkpoints as possible. This technology based programme offers endless opportunities to customise specific questions, photo challenges and activities around your organisation or conference theme. The platform itself also has the ability to be customised to company or conference branding.

So there you have it! They are my top five team building programmes that can be specially designed to suit your organisations strategic goals. To find out more about how we can work in conjunction with you to create a tailored teambuilding event contact one of our friendly program managers.


Dwain Richardson- Managing Director, Corporate Challenge Events

With offices in New Zealand and Australia, Corporate Challenge Events specialise in team building activities, corporate events planning and corporate training from Queenstown to Auckland.


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