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Celebrating Our Best Content of 2023: A Step Toward Positive Team Culture

Hello there, all you team culture enthusiasts!

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to take a moment and look back at the year that was. We’ve explored numerous topics, shared insights, and provided tools all aimed at one thing – building positive team culture within your teams.

At the heart of our discussions has been the FUMISH framework. If you’ve been following us, you know FUMISH is all about creating a work environment that is Friendly, Understanding, Motivating, Inspiring, Supportive, and Happy. These six pillars have guided our content, informing everything from in-depth articles to quick tips.

We also explored the 3 E’s – Education, Engagement, and Environment. We’ve discussed how continuous learning (Education) can empower teams, how emotional investment (Engagement) can drive success, and how the right workspace (Environment) can foster psychological safety and productivity.

Now, as we gear up to welcome 2024, let’s revisit some of your favourite content from the past year. You’ve chosen these pieces by engaging with them, sharing them, and giving us your valuable feedback. They cover a range of topics and offer practical advice, grounded in the principles of FUMISH and the 3 E’s.

So, get ready to dive back into these popular pieces. Use them as a refresher or as a tool to kick-start your team’s journey towards a more positive culture in 2024. Remember, building a strong team culture is not a destination but a continuous journey, and we’re thrilled to be part of yours.

TOP QUIZ: Dope Test – The Behaviour Profile Revolution

As we delve into our top content of 2023, it’s impossible to overlook the popularity of the DOPE test. Completed over 3000 times; this interactive tool captured your interest and became a cornerstone in our discussions about understanding and leveraging personality differences within teams.

The DOPE (Dove, Owl, Peacock, Eagle) Bird Personality Test, is a quick, fun way to peek into your personality type. It categorises us into four bird types – Dove, Owl, Peacock, and Eagle. Each bird represents a different personality type with unique strengths, weaknesses, and communication styles.

Doves, for instance, are peaceful and friendly; Owls are wise and logical; Peacocks are extraverts and optimistic, while Eagles are bold and decisive. Understanding these personalities can significantly improve teamwork and communication, fostering a more productive and harmonious environment.

But why did the DOPE test resonate so much with you? The answer lies in its simplicity and applicability. It’s not just another personality test; it’s a practical tool that helps us recognise our individual strengths and areas for growth. More importantly, it teaches us how to interact effectively with different personality types, promoting mutual understanding and respect within teams.

As we gear up for 2024, revisiting the DOPE test could be an excellent starting point. Encourage your team members to take the test if they haven’t already. Discuss the results openly, explore how different personality types can complement each other, and strategise on leveraging this diversity for a stronger, more cohesive team.

TOP TOOL: The Advent Calendar – Counting Down to Team Success

Our Positive team culture Advent calendar was the top tool of the year. Moving beyond the traditional concept of an advent calendar, ours doesn’t reveal chocolates or toys as each door opens. Instead, it unveils daily challenges, tips, and activities, all designed to nurture a positive team culture.

The best news is you can still jump on board and use it to finish up 2023. Behind each door, you’ll discover a new challenge that’s designed to inspire connection among your team. Consider each challenge as an open invitation to foster camaraderie and ignite play. They are stand-alone, meaning you can complete as many or as few as you like. The goal here isn’t about quantity, but about quality connections and shared laughter.

And remember; play isn’t just for kids – it’s a powerful tool for adults too! Research has shown that play facilitates coping, mastery, self-expression, creativity, achievement, and learning, making it vital to our overall well-being. And in the workplace, play can help improve social-emotional skills like teamwork and empathy, while also reducing stress and improving productivity.

TOP BLOG: Building Collaborative Classrooms with the DOPE Bird Personality Test

Our journey through 2023’s most engaging content wouldn’t be complete without revisiting one of your favourite blog posts: “Building Collaborative Classrooms with the DOPE Bird Personality Test.”

This piece delved into how the DOPE Bird Personality Test could be applied in classrooms, particularly those with high school-aged students. It explored how understanding different personality types can enhance collaboration among students, facilitate effective communication, and contribute to a more engaging and inclusive learning environment.

Offering practical tips for teachers to successfully integrate the test into their classrooms and guide meaningful debriefing sessions it is a tool that not only helps students discover their unique strengths and preferences but also adds a touch of fun to the learning process.

So, whether you’re an educator looking to enhance collaboration in your classroom or a student intrigued by the novelty of the four bird personalities, join us as we delve into the world of building collaborative classrooms through the lens of the DOPE Bird Personality Test.

TOP EBOOK: Venue Showcase Guide 2023 – Your Roadmap to the Perfect Team Building Venue

Finally, our top eBook of the year was the Top Team Building Venues 2023. This comprehensive guide helped you navigate the sometimes daunting task of finding the perfect venue for your team building event. We’re thrilled that so many of you found it useful in planning memorable, impactful events.

This isn’t just any directory—it’s a handpicked compilation of our partner venues designed to revolutionise your next team event. Each venue, carefully chosen for its unique appeal, ranges from stunning landscapes to ultra-modern facilities, ensuring there’s a fit for every team.

These venues are primed for team building activities, whether your goal is to kindle creativity, stimulate collaboration, or drive innovation. We firmly believe that the right environment can dramatically elevate your team building experiences, and this guide is our way of helping you pinpoint that perfect setting.

And the icing on the cake? This e-book is updated semi-annually, providing you with the most current guide. So here’s to creating more memorable team events in 2024.

Looking back, it’s clear that 2023 was a year filled with learning, growth, and plenty of fun. We’re so grateful to have been part of your journey toward creating a positive team culture. As we move into the new year, we promise to keep delivering engaging, relatable, and expert content to help you on your path. Here’s to an even more inspiring 2024!