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Confessions of an Event Planner: Finding the Perfect Venue

Choosing the right venue for an event can be an overwhelming, confusing and frustrating process.  With so many great options available, it can be hard to know where to start, let alone make the right choice.

So how can we help?  Well, we have put our years of industry experience to use to come up with 5 key areas you should consider when choosing a venue.  You’re welcome!

Key Area 1: Location, Location, Location!

No matter what city or country you are looking at holding your event in, it is important to first think about location.  Do you want to be removed from the hustle and bustle of normal routine? Or do you want something more easily accessible?  It might be the most beautiful venue in the world, located on a remote hill top with spectacular views… but can your attendees get there?  If the answer is no, and you don’t have the budget to organise accommodation or transfers for your attendees then you may not want to get too attached to this venue, no matter how pretty it is!

Key Area 2: It’s all about Style

No we aren’t talking about the latest fashion trends!  What we mean here is, if you don’t have a massive styling budget to add all the bells and whistles, does the venue style match the theme or feel you are trying to achieve for your event?  Think about taking advantage of what the venue already has to offer.  If you are doing a tropical beach party, selecting a venue with a spectacular ocean view and coastal styling will highlight the theme and add to the overall experience.

Key Area 3: Watch this Space

You are ultimately going to be spending majority of your time in your chosen function space. So it is super important to really take the time to do a thorough site inspection of the room.  Really think about what you want to do in the room.  How will guests enter?  Is there enough room for everything you want to put in there?  How will you set the room up?  Also think about audio visual capabilities, bump in and bump out and don’t forget to ask if there is any noise or styling restrictions.

Key Area 4: But I don’t want to go Home!

Even if you aren’t planning on providing accommodation for your attendees, if it is a night time or multi-day function it is important to consider accommodation options for them.  Is there accommodation onsite?  Is there enough for all your attendees?  If not, what else is nearby?

Key Area 5:  I’m just here for the Food…

We are all guilty of getting a little hangry every now and again, so let’s avoid that at your next event shall we?  Now we aren’t saying you need to taste everything on the menu prior to the event, but think about not only the quality of the food you are serving, but also the style of food you want to serve (e.g. Food Stations, Canapes, Fine Dining, Share Platters).  Also don’t forget to ask the venue how they will accommodate special/dietary requirements to avoid any food disasters.  And if your attendees are real foodies, also consider where the venue’s produce is sourced.

One final piece of advice before you head off on your journey to venue bliss.  You may not always be in a position to do a site visit, but if the opportunity does arise I cannot recommend this enough.  Seeing a venue in person, being able to walk through and actually see and feel what your attendees will experience is invaluable.  Still not sure what to look for during a site visit?  Well, we have developed a free Site Inspection Checklist that you can download and take with you so that you don’t miss any of the important stuff.  So there you have it, now you are ready to go out there and find your dream venue with confidence!