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Team building is an important part of any business today whether an organisation has a large number of employees or only a few.

Often team building exercises are associated with medium to larger sized companies who have multiple departments to bring all employees together.

For small businesses, team building is just as vital to unify those few staff involved in the day-to-day running of the business.

Because the success of the business is in the hands of so few, it is imperative that all staff can work effectively together for a common goal.

So what team building activities are suitable for small groups?

Well in fact, all team building programs that we offer at Corporate Challenge Events can be tailored for any size group, whether it’s four or 4,000. That’s the beauty of them!

To narrow them down, here are five that I find very beneficial for small teams in today’s business environment.

1. Risk Reward

Risk Reward is a good program for small teams who wish to focus on strategy, risk taking, trust, team work and process improvement.

It’s ideal as an indoor program over two to three hours for businesses with a smaller budget.

At the start of the event, all groups which can be as few as two, are credited with a sum of fictional dollars.

Each group then invests its money, together with accumulating profits, in a series of team building exercises which have a financial focus.

The objective for them is to grow their bank during the event to ultimately uncover the most profitable and event winner.

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2. Art in a Day

Art in a Day provides the opportunity to explore the creative talents in your business.

It can be run both indoors and outdoors from two hours up to half a day.

The objective is for each team to create their own office masterpiece using materials acquired by completing various group activities.

This programme will provide your team with a new and fun experience while honing time management, strategy, negotiation and creative skills.

Many businesses use their own branding or values as the basis for the artwork with many finished pieces hanging proudly in workplaces around the country.

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3. City Scramble

If you would like your team to have a fun, outdoor adventure on minimal budget, then City Scramble is a good team building program to do.

Equipped with a smart device, maps, money and a list of items to acquire, teams are set off on a race around a specific location. The location can be a park, suburb, CBD or even entire town.

At various locations, teams earn points by completing pre-determined team building exercises which can all be tailored to your business’ objectives.

Requiring skills in strategy, communication and navigation, City Scramble is an adventure for teams in discovering how much they know about the history, character and attractions of the area.

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4. Bikes for Tykes

I believe one of the most powerful and best team building events for small groups is Bikes for Tykes.

Effective in either indoor or outdoor locations, the objective in Bikes for Tykes is to build a bike from scratch after winning all parts of the bike in a series of group exercises.

The power in this event comes at its conclusion when the teams discover the purpose of their bike building.

The bike is donated to a children’s charity to help a family in need.

This program will contribute to your business’ corporate social responsibility and develop skills in communication, leadership, team work and delegation.

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5. Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible is a more expansive problem solving programme for small groups with plenty of outdoor adventure mixed in.

The entire group is split into teams and tasked with locating and opening a briefcase hidden somewhere in the great outdoors.

The pursuit may be by foot, car, bus, boat, train, bike, motorcycle or even helicopter, depending on your budget.

Along the way, teams complete several activities with the reward being clues to the combination of the briefcase once located.

The elements of surprise, adventure and unknown makes Mission Impossible one of the most memorable outdoor team building activities around.

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Michael Cromie, General Manager,Corporate Challenge Events