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The pressure packed game show perfect for your team

A great ‘game show style’ team building event that is ideal to keep your audience entertained and engaged during a dinner or lunch is ‘Minute to Win it’.

Imagine you’re on a television game show in a pressure-cooker atmosphere with only a minute to complete a fun challenge ahead of your competitors.

That is ‘Minute to Win it’ without the television cameras, unless you bring your own to record the fun, laughter and high spirits that this program will create.

It is a really flexible team event that can feature any number of team building activities to slot seamlessly into a dinner or lunch function, or conference programme.

With Christmas coming up, we can also theme it for the occasion as ‘Win it In a Christmas Minute’ with some fun and festive focused activities.

Whilst fun is the primary outcome, ‘Minute to Win it’ also generates team interaction, healthy competition, quick thinking and risk taking.

What the game involves

Your whole group is split into teams.

Then the fun begins as ‘one minute’ activities are introduced and staged one-by-one.

Each team must nominate team members for each activity. This requires strategy in itself as everyone must represent their team in at least one activity through the event.

The challenges get tougher as the game progresses so teams will need to strategically plan which contestants they save for last.

The overall objective for each team is to earn as many fictional Corporate Challenge Events dollars by the end of the event.

Dollars are earnt by successfully completing the various challenges in under one minute.

Each challenge is fast-paced and presents what may seem like a simple task but having to complete it in one minute adds pressure that not everyone will be able to deal with.

Whilst the activities look easy, you will be surprised how hard they become as the clock ticks down and the audience counts down. You will find out those who are composed under pressure and those who crumble all in good fun.

After the final pressure-laden challenge, the team with the most cash will be crowned the ‘Minute to Win it’ champions of their organisation.

My three favourite challenges

We are always designing and tailoring new challenges for ‘Minute to Win it’ but three stand out to me as favourites and very popular with participants.

1. Bite the Bickie

There are two groups of muscles on the human face. Contestants must use these muscles to transport three biscuits from their forehead into their mouth. Will teams be able to do this in one minute or will they let the cookie crumble?

2. Yank Me

Participants must build a four-storey tower with each storey only separated by a single piece of cardboard. Building the tower is only half the activity though. Teams must then yank each piece of card out in a way that each cup falls on top of the next. Sound easy? Think again!

3. Ready Spaghetti

Working together as a team, participants must transfer soft drink cans from one table to another to build a three-can pyramid. It should be simple, shouldn’t it? It is, until we tell the teams that the cans must be transferred using an uncooked strand of pasta.

What some clients have said after undertaking ‘Minute to Win it’

Our team absolutely loved the concept of the ‘Minute to Win it’ games and got really into it. We will definitely do this again as our team has not stopped talking about it since.” – Gemma Hackett, The Service Company Ltd.

“Our team had so much fun doing ‘Minute to Win it’. More importantly, we all worked together really well and the afternoon was exactly what we needed for a team building event.” – Mari Burger, GlaxoSmithKline.

Michael Cromie, General Manager, Corporate Challenge Events