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How behavioural profiling can transform your team

Having a fully functional, cohesive and productive team is a major, major and major contributor to a successful business or organisation.

It’s one thing saying it, it’s another thing actually creating and maintaining a high performing team.

Today let’s explore an approach that will build the foundations for your effective team.

This approach will lead to improved morale, increased productivity, reduced staffing expenses, enhanced quality of work and take performance to peak levels.

It is the ‘behavioural profiling’ of your team!

Behavioural profiling is all about greater understanding – greater understanding of yourself, your staff, how your team can work more effectively as a unit and also what else you may need in your team.

Behavioural profiling is different from another popular approach, psychometric testing, which tells you if someone is an introvert or an extrovert.

More and more research in business is showing that this type of information has little bearing on business performance. It is more useful to discover how someone behaves in a particular work situation which is why behavioural profiling is important.

The benefits of behavioural profiling will stretch across all parts of any business.

It will help with the recruitment of staff, building emotional and social intelligence, the ability to give and receive robust feedback, and identifying what creates an effective team within your own unique workplace culture.

I have delivered behavioural profiling projects and workshops all over the world for small to multinational organisations and can attest to the results they have all derived from it both short-term and long-term.

One of the best models used today for behavioural profiling is Belbin.

A Belbin behaviour profile is a simple yet very clear explanation of what a person’s strengths are within a team and what others within the team value in that person.

It’s an incredibly effective tool for identifying who you need on which team to get a specific outcome in the fastest possible time frame and with the right amount of people.

That is such an important statement, I want to highlight a few key phrases…

It’s an incredibly effective tool for identifying ‘who you need’ ‘on which team’ ‘to get a specific outcome’ ‘in the fastest possible time frame’ and ‘with the right amount of people’.

Ultimately a Belbin behavioural profiling workshop will equip people with the knowledge on how to maximise everyone’s strengths for an effective team.

You’ll get to appreciate not only what your strengths are but what your team values about you as well.

It’s based on solid science yet simple enough to enable people to immediately understand and apply it to everyday tasks.

Belbin uses simple language and easily-understood symbols so it’s easy to remember how to apply your strengths within the team and build self confidence in the process.

It’s important to reinforce too that profiling doesn’t judge, it enlightens.

No profile is good or bad, right or wrong. It’s purely about ‘fit’ for a role in the context of your own career or business.

A profiling workshop will identify how various behavioural styles are represented in an individual and where the strengths and gaps of the team lie.

It will also unveil which of your own behavioural patterns are effective in the type of work you do, and equally, which of your patterns may hinder effectiveness.

In summary, Belbin behavioural profiling has been proven to boost people management capabilities and staff retention initiatives.

Behavioural profiling will give you a deeper understanding of the following in your team and how to apply this knowledge for success…

  • What motivates and excites people in the work they do
  • How people are most likely to behave in various situations
  • How to adapt your behaviour according to the situation and business need
  • How to allocate the right work to the right people maximising motivation and performance
  • How your people prefer to communicate and deal with conflict
  • How are you likely to adapt or react to change
  • What style of work is best for you in your career development or business
  • A deep insight into your strengths and your colleagues’ or staff’s strengths
  • Insight into behavioural strengths and weaknesses for interviews

Knowledge is power as they say. Gaining this greater knowledge and understanding will go a long way in developing a powerful team!

Anita Kropacsy is Corporate Training Manager for Corporate Challenge Events and accredited Belbin profiler. Anita has delivered behavioural profiling for small to multinational companies and is also qualified in advanced team modelling, iWAM (inventory Workplace Attitudes & Motivations) and Job EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quota).