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How British bank could have avoided team building event gone wrong

There has been significant global media coverage over the past two days from reports a British bank sacked staff members following an offensive online video posted from a team building activity.

A copy of one of the media reports – http://bit.ly/1M9Co2v

Corporate Challenge Events Director Dwain Richardson said there are some key principles in delivering effective team building activities that, if applied, would have avoided this situation.

Corporate Challenge Events is an international leader in team building having delivered team building activities across Australasia for 21 years.

“Many team building activities nowadays incorporate photography, video and social media, so it is vital that rules and guidelines are presented clearly at the start of the activity by a facilitator so participants understand what they should and should not do during the activity,” said Richardson.

“In all team building programs, it is important for the facilitator or leader of the activity to outline the objectives for the activity and also rules and guidelines regarding the conduct of the participants.

“Fun still remains the number one goal in any team building event, but like all work environments, there must be consideration and respect for cultural, gender, religious and political beliefs.

“In team building programs where documented footage or imagery is presented or released, it is also important for this to be reviewed by the facilitator.

“This is no different to what happens in most work environments and workplaces where there are processes in place before information is released publicly.

“Situations like this involving a major corporation highlight the importance of engaging a professional and experienced team building company to organise and deliver these activities.”

Richardson said team building, when used effectively, will always remain a vital tool for organisations no matter what size staff.

“Team building activities can deliver a variety of benefits for organisations dependent upon what their objectives are.

“In today’s business environment, the most common reasons why companies invest in teambuilding include to enhance team morale, send a message of value to staff, encourage fun in the workplace, address specific team issues, reward staff, observe teams under specific stresses and reinforce company values.”

A recent blog by Corporate Challenge Events on the ‘Top 10 reasons why companies invest in team building’ – http://www.corpchallenge.co.nz/blog/10-reasons-invest-team-building

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