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How to maintain an effective team after your event

How can you maintain the positive energy within your team after your team building day?

Team building events are, more often than not, held on one day or, at most, over a few days. So as a business leader or manager, how do you maintain the buzz within your team that was generated from your team building activities?

There needs to be a continuance of the experience from your team building program into your everyday business activity.

As a business leader and people manager, I am a big advocate of the FISH! philopsophy … and can draw some useful tips from it to help continue the benefits derived from a team building day.

Weekly emails

 A simple regular email with a reminder about an experience in the team building event can help reinforce a message you wish to convey. Keep the email brief and interesting, and consider incorporating some imagery or vision into the message.

Guest speaker

Organise a guest speaker at regular intervals to address your team about an experience they have had which relates to your business and its direction. It might be someone you get to visit your office or even consider a speaker via webinar. Consult with your team first to gauge their interest areas and who they may even like to hear from.

Team sharing

Introduce regular meetings between departments, managers or all staff to share victories, struggles and innovations. Promote this as a time for everyone to contribute to each other without criticism. I find this a great method to rejuvenate and inspire each other.

Visual targets

 Display target maps in the office that all members of your various teams can monitor and all easily understand. The traditional fundraising thermometer is a perfect example of this. This is an opportunity to be imaginative and use something visual that relates to your industry i.e. a graphic of a coffee cup if you run a cafe or coffee company. Each quarter, reset these goals and change the visual to keep it interesting.

Lead by example

If you live the organisational culture each and every day, your team will live it with you.

Finally, book your next team building activity and let your team know that you have done this. Keep them in suspense about what the next event will entail but, at least, whet their appetite for the next fun team day.

Dwain Richardson is the Managing Director of Corporate Challenge Events – a leader in the delivery of team building programs and corporate events in New Zealand and Australia for 21 years.


By Dwain Richardson, Managing Director