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Want to do an activity that will get everyone not only working together but also bring out a little bit of a competitive edge? Well do we have a team building activity for you!  Pipeline provides teams with plenty of twists and turns that will get everyone talking… right this way if you want to know more (we know you do)!


Congratulations!  Your company has been awarded the highly coveted contract to construct the world’s fastest oil pipeline! With ever changing regulations and unforeseen obstacles, can your team work together to construct a pipeline that meets all requirements without any blockages or shortfalls?

What you need to know:

  • Team Size: Suitable for groups of any size, but works best with a group of minimum 7 participants.
  • Duration: 1.5 hours – 4 hours.
  • Location: Indoor, outdoor, outer space.*                                                                                                                    *may not quite be possible in outer space just yet, but we are working on it!
  • Key Outcomes: Cross-functional team work, fun, time management, communication and change management.

What our Facilitators Say:

“Pipeline is an activity that works well at enhancing communication and pushes team members to let their leadership qualities shine through.  By putting teams in a scenario where they have to deal and adapt with change, Pipeline encourages them to explore their minds and build the optimal structure.  There is also an element of attention to detail required to ensure that your structure reaches all the requirements, achieve the best time and win the challenge of course!”

Tim Crespin

State Manager and Facilitator Extraordinaire

What Others Say:

“The program was not only fun and engaging for the participants, but invaluable for both our management team and I as an observer.  The programme was structured and facilitated in such a way as to allow observation and appraisal of key staffs strengths and weaknesses in a non-threatening lighthearted environment.

I found the programme to be a vital tool in realigning peoples roles and responsibilities to maximise throughout and lift our value add proposition for our clients.

The value this short programme provided our business, and the professional way in which it was conducted, resulted in Evolution Group engaging Corporate Challenge to facilitate staff Christmas Parties which were all conducted in the same professional and engaging manner.

I highly recommend the ‘Pipeline’ programme and Corporate Challenge to help create a stronger team and more positive environment”


Evolution Group

Why it’s awesome:

Besides the fact that this hands on programme provides a lot of laughs, it is really the buildup as you watch your pipeline structure come together, working through the challenges you face and coming out triumphant (or not, depending on your teamwork skills) before putting it to the final test that gives this programme its excitement and power.

Another bonus with this programme is it isn’t just about having a lot of FUN with your team; it also focuses on numerous key outcomes that companies seek from a team building activity, which let’s face it, is a win, win for everyone.

Looking for something the dives a little bit deeper than an afternoon of fun and promotes long term positive workplace change?  Yep you guessed it; Pipeline also fits nicely as a complementary activity with our Belbin workshop which will put you on the path to creating a workplace culture that will be envied by all.


Still not sure if this one is for your team?  Get in touch with our team of expert facilitators are ready to talk you through Pipeline or any of our team building programs to find one that suits you.