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Welcome to the Labyrinth! We have taken out the creepy David Bowie Goblin King, masquerade ball dream sequence and dwarf sidekicks… but working the room, and building new connections will be absolutely essential if you want to solve the puzzles and make your way through the Labyrinth to claim the prize.

In this short, sharp, and dynamic networking programme, Labyrinth is designed to get your attendees up and about and interacting with other members of the group.

Set the task of completing a series of activities, this programme is designed to encourage communication and networking.  Building new connections throughout the programme will be essential if you want to be a part of the winning team. 

Upon arrival, each attendee will be issued with a key and a mysterious locked pocket. As you mingle and work the room you must see whose key will unlock your pocket if you want to reveal what is hidden inside.

But this is not the only challenge you will face inside the Labyrinth.  You must also attempt to find a series of individuals throughout the event to help you with your quest.

Once you have managed to unlock your pocket you will find a unique puzzle piece hidden carefully inside.  Joining forces with your new found connections, you must complete the puzzle within the time frame.

The first group to correctly complete their puzzle will be crowned champions, escape the Labyrinth and win the ultimate prize!

This programme is run indoors but can be tailored to be outdoors if necessary.

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**Labyrinth is a joint venture and the intellectual property is used under license from Adventure Conventions Pty Ltd**

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Time Management
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Suitable for groups of any number

Can be tailored for between ½  – 1 hour

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An indoor venue with access to audio / visual equipment is preferred.